Troubador In the Blink of an Eye

Released: 19/08/2016

eISBN: 9781785896835

Format: eBook

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In the Blink of an Eye


What do you gain if you can go anywhere, but can never stay?

Chloe Walker is a perfectly ordinary sixteen-year-old schoolgirl from a rich area of the UK. She has a mum, a dad, a younger brother and a dog called Buttercup. She goes to school, hangs out, parties with her friends and has endless chats with them on her mobile.

Or at least… she did once. Now she has no home, no mobile, no friends or family. She is set on a seemingly endless path: a fugitive, a survivor, an illusion, appearing from nowhere, at random, in every part of the globe with no explanation and then vanishing without trace.

How did this madness start? She has no idea and no control over it. She merely has to blink and, in that split second, she is somewhere else, in another place and time. She has seen things most can only dream of: natural wonders, prehistory.

Now, this has led her to Earth’s last days. It’s a world of fear, monsters, floods, vanishings, lawlessness and war – a war fought between those loyal to their beliefs, freedoms and democracy, and those on the side of a sinister new regime: a self-appointed god, heading a global dictatorship.

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