Troubador Heron Fleet

Released: 01/07/2013

eISBN: 9781780886633

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Heron Fleet


Not far in the future, Francesca is an apprentice in the idyllic, agrarian community of Heron Fleet. She loves her impetuous partner Anya and the community acts as mother and father to her, as its founders intended. But outside Heron Fleet, the world is violent. Only a remnant of city populations, organised into violent despotic scavenger gangs, cling on by combing through rubble in search of food. They are the survivors of an ecological disaster. The causes have been forgotten, but the climate suffers with harsh, cold winters and short, hot summers. Between these two worlds, Tobias trades food gathered from agrarian communities for raw materials from the cities. But most of all he seeks books that might help him understand what happened to the climate; he believes that if humans are to have a long-term future, the agrarian communities must expand. Francesca rescues Tobias when his boat is wrecked by a storm and his arrival coincides with a crisis in Francesca and Anya’s relationship. This pushes Heron Fleet into a turmoil, which threatens the community’s cohesion and brings the ethical basis on which the community was originally formed into doubt. Heron Fleet asks many questions. To what extent is necessity an excuse for the suppression of basic human rights? How easy would it be for our comfortable society to become poor, nasty and brutish? Is there a natural urge to be literate? What is the proper duty of the individual to the community? The book, which has been inspired by a number of authors, including Margaret Atwood, John?Christopher and Russell Hoban, will appeal to fans of speculative literature.?Author Paul weaves gripping dystopian fiction with an underlying theme of global warming, posing questions about human nature and needs – both for today’s society and for the future.

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Paul Beatty

Paul Beatty grew up in Birmingham in what people keep telling him were the lush years of the fifties and sixties, though he doesn’t quite remember it that way.

He wrote poetry, songs and stories at school and while studying Physics at University College London, but writing ambitions were curtailed by his career as a research scientist in the NHS. He has recently retired from The University of Manchester where he lectured in Biomedical Engineering to become a fulltime writer. He has written more than one hundred scientific papers and articles.

Paul has had a varied life. In the 1980s he got involved in single issue politics and was, with his wife Sue, a national committee member of the British Nuclear Freeze Campaign. He was a Parliamentary Candidate in the 1987 and 1992. He has acted as a policy advisor for the Liberal Democrats in the areas of health, defence and science (though they are not at the moment inclined to take his advice). He has also been a local borough councillor in Stockport.

He returned seriously to writing fiction and poetry twelve years ago. Since then he has published two books of poetry, The Holy Week Monologues and Old Testament Tales (Church in the Market Place), several short stories including The Seer and Nixie, in the anthology Panopticon (Pandril Press), The Illustrated Joy of Sex (Pocket Edition) (Manchester Metropolitan University) and the prize winning Dowery Chest.

To deepen his skills and understanding of the writing process he joined the Creative Writing MA at Manchester Metropolitan University four years ago emerging with a Distinction.

He and Sue are empty-nesters and live in Marple in Cheshire on the edge of the Peak District with their cat.

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Heron Fleet
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