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Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781916433700

eISBN: 9781916433717

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Day 1 - Origins Unknown


Imprisoned for a crime he cannot remember committing, Max awakens on a strange world where time is fragmented and everything is a different colour. To make matters worse, he discovers that he has been exposed to a potent virus with only three days to find a cure before it renders him dead.

Max escapes, but comes into contact with the strict warden of the prison. He is coerced into taking part in a worldwide dangerous game through which he hears of a possible cure: a mystical magical door. The only problem is that he is not the only prisoner on this strange world, nor the only threat...

Fabric is an enticing fantasy novel which follows a prisoner as he takes his chances to escape from the worst possible setting and a world that is most peculiar. Tackling several different scenarios, Max is brought closer to the truth of his situation and brings to light the opinions of others that are in the same situation.

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Though the beginning of the book was a slow one, just like it took some time for Max, our protagonist, to adjust to his surroundings, it is the same for the reader. Once the stage was set, Fabric is a fast-paced novel with interesting characters who possess unique powers and a planet that is beautiful and dangerous at the same time.

I found the concept of a prison on a different planet very futuristic, and not something I read about in a book before. Not much is known about the past of the prisoners or the planet, how they got there, and why they have the powers that they possess. Hussain does a great job on keeping the reader focused on the challenge at hand, and Day One of the quest is packed with action and mysteries.
I would recommend this book for book lovers who would rather not put down a book that they start, are fantasy fans, and are ok with leaving their questions about the world for later, concentrating on the current situation. It is short and sweet and that is another thing I liked about it. Can’t wait to hear Max’s adventures in Day Two! I am thankful for the free reader copy from the publisher and author through NetGalley for an honest review.

by Kriti

I would like to say that the futuristic idea of a detention centre in a different planet which isn't done in any other books. Not much is known about the past of the prisoners or the planet, how they got there, and they have the powers they possess.The author MKH does a great job on keeping the reader focused on the challenge at hand, and Day one of the quest is packed is packed with actions and mysteries. I would recommend this to my friend. And I took sometime to absorb it to completely enjoy it.

by Ganesan

This is a fantasy novel and as such, a good author takes time to build the world. The beginning of this book was very slow, and to be honest, I was a little confused as to what was going on. But I kept reading, assuming it would all come together, and it did.

I was drawn into the story and the world that was built. It was very different, so it took me a while to visualize, but the author did a great job helping with that.

This was so different, I had to stop and think about what was going on sometimes. But I really recommend this to sci-fi and fantasy lovers. And I will be getting the next book in the series when it comes out.

by Laurie

The world building in this book is really standout, and the characters were really well developed. Well paced and a strong plot.

by NetGalley review

M K Hussain

Hi. Its me, M K Hussain. I'm just like your average guy and just really hope you like my book or books should I say as the next installment will be out next year.

Fingers crossed for that!

As for now, please just chill out, relax and enjoy the start of your next adventure, your venture into the book world with my initial book titled Fabric Day One Origins Unknown.

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