Troubador Europa

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788033367

eISBN: 9781788034272

Format: Paperback/eBook

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A story of love and betrayal among the first colonists of Jupiter’s moon Europa. A book that imagines people’s every-day lives in a colony established in caves beneath the surface of Jupiter’s icy moon.  

It is the 21st century and severe overcrowding on Earth has led to the creation of colonies on Lunar and Mars and Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. As children Symon Shaw and Marvin Piper become best friends, a friendship that survives into adult life. Marvin is ambitious and has a talent for business but Symon drifts aimlessly through life with no real purpose. When a new colony is established on another of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, Marvin invites Symon to join his company when it relocates there. They prosper in the colony and Marvin invites Symon to become his business partner. 

 Treatment for infertility, including diagnostic tests, has been previously banned in an attempt to limit population growth. Symon and his wife Meena have two children, but Marvin and Liv remain childless. In a desperate attempt to have a child, Marvin asks Symon to have sex with Liv. She becomes pregnant but loses the baby. Liv implores Symon to continue making love to her and he agrees, though he knows that Marvin would not approve. Liv remains detached, but Symon falls more and more in love with her. When their relationship is discovered the consequences are devastating for both couples

My first novel, 'Tiger Heart' was published as an e-book by Bangkok Books. My short stroy 'The Ladies Man' was included in a collection of short stroies by Byker Books.

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Robert Mills

I was born in London in 1950. I attended Sevenoaks School and trained as a doctor at the London Medical College. After completing my postgraduate training in London and Bristol, I worked as a consultant ENT surgeon in Dundee. In 1998 I moved to Edinburgh where I became honorary professor of otolaryngology. After retiring from the British Health Service and my marriage to fellow ENT surgeon, Nadtaya Makachen, I moved to Khon Kaen in Thailand. As well as writing, I teach at the local medical school and continue to take part in charitable ear surgery camps in various parts of Asia. I have three children from my first marriage: Emily, a doctor, Nicholas, an architect, and Alexa, a solicitor advocate.

Robert Mills

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