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Released: 28/08/2016

ISBN: 9781785892622

eISBN: 9781785895906

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End Point


Peter Breakspear brings us End Point, a gripping work of sci-fi set at the sharp end of a major global event and the winner of a?Writing Magazine competition to be published by Matador. At the start of the novel, protagonist Tom is leading a four-man team on the edge of a Welsh valley to find and recover an object that has fallen to Earth. But locating it only heralds the start of an adventure that will take some of the men halfway across the world – from the windswept Welsh valley to Aksum in Ethiopia, the reputed location of the Ark of the Covenant, and the possible end of mankind. Along the way the team encounter evidence, from missions to Mars and Venus, showing that the world has long been the subject of interest to other beings and that the environment on Earth has been manipulated over several millennia. One of the team vanishes only to return later as a changed person; is he the enemy, or is he simply trying to guide the team on their quest? They are led in circles and misdirected until they finally arrive at what they think is the answer. Is the fabled Ark of the Covenant connected to what is happening? Evidence from thousands of years ago leads them to an item so powerful that the fate of mankind is set. For Tom, the end point is only the beginning... End Point is a compelling adventure sci-fi story – and one that beat off over a hundred other Writing Magazine competition contenders. It will be accompanied by a vigorous marketing campaign and will be appearing regularly in Writing?Magazine throughout its publication. Though End Point will mainly appeal to adults, it will also be enjoyed by young adult sci-fi fans.

Jonathan Brown is now published on Kindle the paperback is soon to follow. A different twist from End Point but but a little more science fiction.

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Writing Magazine

4 out of 5 stars

An inventive take on alien interference in mankind's history. As strange objects appear on Earth, teams of scientists and military investigate. As evidence mounts that they are alien in origin, our first response is to try and destroy them. Through brief interludes in the story, it is revealed that the objects are in fact part of a presence that is watching us, but what do they want? When one lands near the location of the fabled Ark of the Covenant from the Bible, it gets really interesting. Does the Ark hold answers? As more artifacts are discovered sprinkled through Earth's history, it becomes clear that the aliens have been tampering with us. Can we find out before they tamper again? Enjoyed the writing style, and a good read throughout. Recommended.

by Greg Del Mar

5 out of 5 stars

Absolutly great book. From start to end it was hard to put it down. Yes it made me late for work a few times but hey, so was my boss after I told her about the book.

by Richard Jones

End Point is a decent sci fi novel with some interesting ideas and concepts that kept me turning the page, even when the writing did not.


In End Point a team of scientists and military men discover alien artifacts appearing around the globe and causing odd things to happen around them. As they explore each artifact they attempt to uncover the mystery of what is really happening on earth. Are they being invaded? Or just toyed with?


The premise had me really interested in this book, and it started off really strong. There’s some great moments in this book, especially when things really start going wonky. The problem is everything that happens in between, or for that matter, doesn’t happen. The book is a series of events, strung together by loooooong bouts of dialogue that primarily take place in a military debriefing. Each briefing scene goes something like this:

“Here’s what we’re gonna go. I’m gonna pass it off to someone else to explain.”

“Hi. I’m someone else. Here’s what we’re going to do. I’m gonna pass it off to someone else to explain.”

“Hi. I’m also someone else. I can’t tell you everything because it’s confidential.”

Naturally, that eventually got pretty boring. I think Breakspear has some great stories rumbling around in his head, but he could use some work on how they’re delivered.


Interesting story

Great sci fi setting


Too much explanation that explained nothing


I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

by Ariana Antonio

Peter  Breakspear

Now retired from real work, I spend my time travelling with my wife of forty four years and when not doing that I attempt to write.

Born in Nottingham a long time ago, I have spent time at sea and some years in the Army which I left in 1992. Since then I have worked in several engineering companies such as Rolls Royce and BAE Systems. This work has taken us to the Middle East and most places in Europe.

My interests? Military history and science fiction, not necessarily in that order.

We have two sons and three grand children, one of whom produced the prize winning cover illustration for Jonathan Brown.

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