Troubador Dead and Alive

Released: 28/02/2022

eISBN: 9781803138725

Format: eBook

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Dead and Alive


It’s present-day London, and Benedict Norton awakens in a dark, damp cell. He has no memory of how he got there or who put him there, but what he does have, is a superpower that has changed his life forever.

A power that comes with a huge price...

On his journey, he encounters petty villain Ratzilla, who holds his father hostage with a strange and powerful gun. Ratzilla plans to create a nerve gas which would send the world into chaos.

Now, with the help of MI6 operative Lizzie Summers, he must solve the mystery and stop this evil plot.

Who sent the gun? Why do they want a nerve gas made? What will happen to Benedict if his powers become known?

But most importantly, will they complete their mission?

Find out in this thrilling, globetrotting adventure like no other.

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