Troubador Dawn of the White Light

Released: 14/04/2014

eISBN: 9781783066131

Format: eBook

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Dawn of the White Light

A Man's Terrifying Search for the Answer to his Nightmares


Over 100 million years ago, something descended upon the earth, something which had existed almost from the beginning of time itself; something that took billions of years to reach our galaxy from the edge of the universe. Lying dormant, deep in the earth for millennia after millennia the light had become active once more.

Andy Salter was leading a happy family life; he had a decent standard of living, a good job and healthy social life. Following a request to produce a watercolour painting of an ancient abbey Andy becomes embroiled in a living hell. His initial fascination becomes an obsession as the abbey's hidden secrets are gradually unveiled. Andy is unable to resist the temptation to unfurl further secrets, little knowing that the horrors that await him are far beyond his imagination. Salter's infatuation becomes ever more problematic as he is forced to face his ultimate nemesis and additional demons, as he enters a realm where pure evil takes no prisoners.

Dawn of the White Light – a man's terrifying search for the answer to his nightmares is a disturbing read that combines historical and Sci-Fi elements to produce a psychological account that speaks volumes. As Andy searches for the answer to his nightmares, readers will be clinging to the hope that they never have to endure them.

"For some years I’ve had ideas running around in my head for a book. I have always been fascinated with horror and what disturbs the mind," comments Robert M. K. Turner about the inspiration behind his ebook.

Goodreads, 7 June

Cayocosta72 Book Reviews, 21 April

Goodreads, 21 April

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Robert M. K. Turner

ROBERT M.K. TURNER was born in 1942. Most of his career was spent working in sales and marketing for large commercial organisations. His career peaked when he was appointed the Head of Business Development for a

prestigious management company.

Robert is now retired and lives in Wirral, Merseyside.

Rob Turner
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