Troubador Darit

Released: 28/10/2020

ISBN: 9781800460478

Format: Paperback

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Darit describes what happens when the cloning of humans, done for the benefit of the human race, falls into the wrong hands.

Vast caves in the bowels of Snowdonia house the UK’s top secret research programme. Here, clones of long dead monsters, such as Hitler and Jack the Ripper, and famous scientists, such as Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, are reared together to assess the importance of nature versus nurture. But it’s the replacement cloning of the ultimate soldier from the DNA of a long dead Spartan warrior and a ferocious attack dog that results in disaster. Whilst searching for traits such as bravery, fearlessness and courage, scientists inadvertently discover the ethnicity genes, the sequences of genes which make us Caucasian, Mongoloid or Negroid.

A spy leaks this information to his masters in China, where TRIAD members have taken control of the country. Using this vital information, the Chinese pour vast resources into developing an ethnic genetic virus (EGV) to wipe out 90 per cent of Caucasians, 90 per cent of the white populations of planet Earth: the people of the UK, Europe, America, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. Men, women, children and babies, all would die a terrible death from the ethnic specific ebola virus. Simultaneously, China and its ally, North Korea, would unleash a 10,000 strong army of ultimate soldiers on South Korea and Japan, leaving China and North Korea as the undisputed rulers of the new world. The triumph of Project DARIT, the Domination And Realignment of International Territories, an anagram of TRIAD, would be complete.

The West responds by frantically developing its own EGV targeted at Mongolians, as well as an antidote to the Caucasian EGV, but will it be too little, too late?

Science fiction has always fascinated me.

Even as a child I wondered if there was intelligent life out there in the vastness of the Cosmos and, if so, what would it be like. Would it be friendly, peaceful and benevolent, and bring an end to all suffering and war on planet earth, or would it be aggressive and warlike, intent on annihilating the human race?

In The Dark Freeze I have used my scientific background to describe what might happen if we ever did encounter a technologically advanced race of aliens.

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Peter Gregory

Hi. Professor Custard, aka Professor Peter Gregory, welcomes you to his webpage.

Why Professor Custard? Well, over his 37 years at work as a research chemist with ICI, AstraZeneca and Avecia (change of company, not location or job) Peter calculated the quantity of custard he'd consumed at lunch times. It was a whopping 3.5 tons!

Peter and his hi-tech colours group were the world leaders in inventing and supplying ink jet dyes and inks to the major ink jet printer manufacturers such as HP, Canon, and Seiko Epson, so if you use an ink jet printer, it is likely that you are using at least one of his group's dyes. During his time at work Peter was in constant demand as a speaker at prestigious international scientific conferences, published numerous literature papers and has over 100 patents to his name. He co-authored a best selling text book Organic Chemistry in Colour and is the author of High Technology Applications of Organic Colorants. He retired in 2002.

During his retirement Peter has used his scientific background to write two sci-fi novels and a crime thriller, as well as his autobiography entitled, unsurprisingly, Professor Custard. The Dark Freeze is the first to be published.

In addition to writing, Peter is an avid fan of Wigan Warriors Rugby League Football Club, a keen gardener, and a walker, his favourite area being the Lake District. He lives in West Bolton with his wife Vera (her on the gondola) - they have just celebrated their Golden Wedding - and has two grown-up married sons, Andrew and Michael, and a grandson Joshua.


With his wife Vera, on a gondola in Venice
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