Released: 28/01/2017

ISBN: 9781785899683

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Book One A Medical Miracle?


It’s 1966 and RAF pilot Dan Stewart awakes from a coma following an aircraft accident into a world where nothing seems to make sense any more. Not being able to recall the crash might be expected, but what about the rest of his life? And what’s stopping him from taking his medication? Is it brain damage that’s causing paranoia about the red pill or is he right to think there’s something more sinister going on? His horrific injuries don’t make any sense either – a post-crash fire caused him to suffer 100% burns. How is it even possible to survive that? Are the hallucinations and strange dreams trying to tell him something? They are, and he’ll soon find out what, but not before his doctor’s sure the shock won’t kill him. But then, the CONDITION trilogy will shock the reader with just how easily we will all come to accept the unacceptable... CONDITION is a gripping dystopian thriller that will appeal to those interested in population control, identity, ethics, eugenics, conspiracies and government cover-ups.

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This book is fascinating, eye opening but leaves you to with an unease. Many twists and turns with woven in hallucinations makes this book a fun and suspenseful read.

by Anisa Manion (NetGalley)

Dan Stewart wakes up from a coma but can't remember anything other than he's a pilot and there was an airline crash. Nothing makes sense and he's horrified to find he has suffered 100% burns. That's not even possible. He hallucinate his brother and after seeing other patients at the hospital with similar to identical burns as he has, he begins to suspect something isn't right with the hospital. Why is he refusing to take the red pill? It's the only one that he's allowed to refuse... but not taking it takes him into an insane path.. and what he finds at the end is nothing like he expected.

If you've followed any of my reviews, you know how much I LOVE the human mind. Told mainly through Dan's POV, we get to travel with him as he deals with the aftermath of the crash. I actually felt I was going crazy with him and what a ride it is! We also get to see a little about what is going on within the hospital and the revelation that came certainly was NOT what I was expecting and I loved every minute of it! As a trilogy I figured the ending would leave you wanting. It did, but it also ended satisfactorily for me as well. The only thing I didn't like was the "to be continued" written on the last chapter before the epilogue. I'm certainly intrigued as when I turned the final page, I almost felt like I just watched an episode of Black Mirror. Certainly am looking forward to see what happens next!

by Chandra Claypool

This is an interesting story. Being a child of a parent who died from Alzheimer's, any take on the affliction is an interesting one, especially when there is a proposed "cure." This is not my typical read, but the pacing was good and kept me reading past my bedtime. Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for the read.

by Rosemary Rey

This was certainly a trip down the rabbit hole! Condition follows the story of Squadron Leader Daniel Stewart as he recovers from a horrific airplane accident that leaves him scarred and broken. But so much doesn’t make sense to him so he persistently questions and discovers some very startling truths. And nothing will ever be the same.

Mr. Birri uses his knowledge of covert operations and hidden agendas to craft a masterful story of manipulation and deceit. In the end, the question I found myself asking was does the end justify the means. And how long will it take before someone corrupts that end for their own cause.

Very well written and edited so that a potentially confusing story remain on a very clear track. The characters are complex and well developed and the switch in time periods is not jarring or forced.

by Donna McLaughlin

Alec Birri

Alec Birri served thirty years with the UK Armed Forces. He commanded an operational unit that specialised in new military capabilities classified at the highest level (Top Secret Strap 3) and it is this experience that forms the basis of his novels.

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