Troubador A Gift from the Gods

Released: 28/11/2018

ISBN: 9781789015362

eISBN: 9781789012545

Format: Paperback/eBook

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A Gift from the Gods


How do you fight the enemy within, when you don’t know that the enemy exists?

This is the problem facing the USA in 1985 as a Nazi cell, dormant for decades, waiting patiently for its moment to strike, conspires to forge a new Fourth Reich out of the ashes of the old. Fifty years earlier, in 1935, alien technology is recovered from a crashed UFO in the Black Forest, and is developed by a team of German scientists, overseen by psychopathic Waffen-SS officer, Hauptsturmführer Gustav von Brandt. What evil plot does this Nazi cell intend to deploy? And what is the alien technology which will help them achieve their ambition?

This Science Fiction thriller is a rollercoaster ride of intrigue and deception involving Aliens, Gods, Dinosaurs, Nazis, the CIA and the Mafia. And in a highly original story spanning nearly three hundred million years that culminates in an explosive climax, who would believe that the key to the destiny of our planet would be in the hands of a painfully shy, socially awkward teenage boy? 

With a fast pace and a collection of narratives that ‘travel’ from one time to the next, this novel will be a compulsive read for anyone interested in Science Fiction and Spy thrillers.

This was definitely something I'd never read before. It was an entertaining read. Are you obsessed with aliens and dinosaurs? Then you should pick up this book.

by Cecile C

This book has all the ingredients of a terrific Sci-fi thriller. In fact, it might have too many ingredients because it is overly long and my interest level waned from time to time, hence four not five stars. The characters were well drawn, interesting The plot was intricate with plenty of twists, double crosses and surprises to keep the reader guessing, but was not difficult to follow. This book contains murder, violence, humor, history, mystery , sci-fi , major criminal activity and, as mentioned, a great cast of characters all of which are blended together for an enjoyable reading experience.

by Kelly

Martin Gunn

Martin Gunn grew up in Buckinghamshire, England and on leaving school studied Architecture and Building Construction at college.

This led to a career in Civil Engineering, Surveying and Mechanical Engineering.

In more recent years he has been working in the courier industry which has allowed him to concentrate on writing.

His interests include Music, Art, History and the Great Outdoors.

Martin still lives in Bucks with his partner Carole and daughter Aimee.

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