Troubador 'Voice from the Past' trilogy combo deal

Released: 28/04/2017

ISBN: 9781783060047

Format: Paperback

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'Voice from the Past' trilogy combo deal


A Voice From The Past is a story of family relationships, love and betrayal, lies and deceptions, secrets and misunderstandings. Full of mystery and intrigue, the plot takes us from the seaside in the north of Ireland to English suburbia.

With some surprising twists and turns, the novel follows the lives of Susan and Jonathan and Charlotte and Neal through several years, during which they all experience the full gamut of emotions from intense happiness to utter heartbreak and despair.

In the Greater Scheme of Things is the page-turning sequel which reintroduces us to some of the characters we first encountered in A Voice From the Past.

When Francine Martin applies for the position of nanny with the popular Leclerc family, she is looking for much more than a new job. She wants a whole new life. But what is she running from? Why is she so determined to cut all ties with the people she once loved so dearly?

Twenty-five years on, the fallout from the thwarted love affair between Susan Summers and Jonathan Ashby continues to affect the lives of others in Blood is Thicker, the third novel in the ‘Voice from the Past’ trilogy. Georgia Shaughnessy in particular now finds herself in a quandary.

Stunningly beautiful, vivacious and outgoing, Georgia, a Belfast girl living in London, is blissfully happy in a stable, loving relationship – until she inadvertently stumbles across some disturbing information about her boyfriend... This family drama trilogy will be enjoyed by readers of contemporary romance fiction and those interested in the psychology of relationships.

'Broken Cups' is Heather's fourth novel and hopefully the beginning of a new series. Her previous three books make up a trilogy of romance and mystery.'A Voice from the Past' in 2013 was followed by 'In the Greater Scheme of Things' in 2014 and 'Blood is Thicker' completed this family saga in 2015.

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Heather MacQuarrie

Heather MacQuarrie is a former school teacher who has now swapped life in the inner-city classroom for the relative freedom of her own home where she is enjoying the opportunity to channel her creativity in exciting new directions, reinventing herself as a romantic novelist. Heather lives in Belfast and is married to Ross. They also spend a good part of the year in the Algarve region of Portugal.

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