Troubador Under a Greek Spell

Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789017328

eISBN: 9781789019964

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Under a Greek Spell


A light hearted romance set on the beautiful islands of Mykonos and Syros.

As the chorus of Happy Birthday ends, Pamela can hear daughters, Helen and Stephanie, whispering, ‘Make a wish, mum’. As she blows out the candles her wish is made. Are their fates now sealed? Has she put her daughters under a Greek spell so her birthday wishes will be granted, or will it end up as a Greek tragedy?  

At thirty-three, Helen is a career woman. She’s worked hard and progressed through the ranks of a local travel company. She had aspirations of becoming a director, but now she’s thinking of a career change, although she’s been ‘distracted’ by her dishy colleague, James. They’ve been seeing each other for a few months but he seems unwilling to commit. She’s caught up in an unexpected chain of events when a work-related Caribbean cruise changes into a working holiday in Mykonos. Will she be enchanted by a Greek Spell or will she anger the Greek Gods and pay the ultimate price?  

At thirty-one Stephanie has recently separated from her husband Richard of five years. As they can’t compromise it looks as though divorce is their only option. The offer to accompany her sister, Helen, on a free holiday to the Caribbean is just the tonic she needs. As their plans change at the last minute Stephanie just wants some rest and relaxation, so Mykonos should tick the box. Will she end up with more than she expected? After all isn’t Mykonos known as the island of love?

Simone Hubbard’s “Under a Greek Spell” isn’t the kind of novel I usually read, but having attended her book launch and bought a copy I’ve made an exception. To sum up my impression in a sentence: if you enjoy light-hearted holiday romances with happy endings, you’ll love this book.

The story is a present-tense first-person narrative related by two sisters, Helen and Stephanie, who regale us with their thoughts, deeds and feelings in alternate chapters. Both are in their thirties and each is approaching the end of an unsatisfactory relationship. An unexpected sequence of events has brought them to the Greek island of Mykonos. For Stephanie it’s an escape from a marriage that’s gone sour and from her daily toil; for Helen it’s mostly a working holiday. Meanwhile, their parents are on a Mediterranean cruise. The sisters enjoy a high life in a top-class hotel, there’s warm sunshine and swimming and exploration, and needless to say there are two highly desirable young Greek men…

The prose is well-written and easy to read, the characters are engaging, there’s just enough conflict to drive the narrative forward, and there’s plenty of humour. There’s nothing X-rated in the story, but there are moments when it might be considered unsuitable for persons under, let us say, fifteen.

Notwithstanding my customary avoidance of romances, I found the book pleasant for late-night reading. Well done Simone! This is a good first novel and it deserves to succeed commercially. I hope you’ll write more.

by Mark P. Henderson

If you're jetting off to sunny climes and realise your scales tell you you're on excess baggage, ditch that extra pair of sandals, instead slip in this new novel hot off the press and enjoy! Alternatively if you're at home, hike up the heating and let this book whisk you away and get yourself caught up in the moment. Either way it's perfect escapism.

by Jen Cox

An amazing book that kept my attention throughout. Not a great reader normally, but I couldn't put the book down.
Both comical and serious in parts, but all through the book there are so many things that everyone can relate to.
Here's hoping Simone will write another!!

by Esther

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