Troubador Tied Down?

Released: 10/04/2020

eISBN: 9781838595562

Format: eBook

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Tied Down?

A Romance of Femdom & Bondage for Adults


Surely you played bondage games in your bedroom, doesn’t everyone…?

… asks the dominatrix of William’s recently divorced wife. The answer she receives is revealing.

William is an ambitious researcher with a fetish for bondage who, while awaiting his divorce, has already been seduced by Betty, a Dutch academic who ‘knows the ropes’. Her life-long best friend just happens to be that same dominatrix who has been hit by love at first sight. So, things become complicated in this open-minded adult romance of alternative intimacies.

Led by ambition and ignoring warning signs, William agrees to pilot a study of feminine dominance in the UK. But his fetish makes him easy prey for the dominatrices he ‘interviews’ and he is soon ‘bound’ to confront other aspects of his sexual identity.

A suspense-packed who’s who tale, Tied Down? invites the reader to solve the mystery as William tries to conceal his poor decisions. Inevitably, it affects Betty’s feelings for him, and jeopardises his career. But when he seeks help, the cost proves frighteningly high. Meanwhile, his ex-wife still wants William to suffer for divorcing her, and an awful choice awaits. What will poor William do? Will he ever be happily tied down?

Femdom has a heart by Flip - 5th June

If you have any interest in the idea that women could detect and control your erotic experiences this is a book for you. Its set against the background of a contemporary EU research project which wants to understand the economic scope of the sex industry, in this case the scale of earnings from Dominatrix and the scope of this in Europe. The researcher finds that adhering to researching the economic side of Femdom difficult and after the first three participants he finds himself 'trapped', literally. He has to suffer/enjoy further humiliation in pursuit of extricating himself. The progressive revelation of the world of the Dominatrix is informative and erotic, if the area appeals to you, even out of curiosity. What is unusual for this genre is that there is an interesting plot and characters attitudes and values are revealed in progressive detail, which was a good counterpoise to simply detailing explicit action with unrealistic players. I certainly came away with a deeper knowledge of female domination and the needs of submissive men. It kept me wanting to read on to find the resolution, so an engaging story. Enjoy!

by Flip

Tied Down, as you might guess from the title, is a novel featuring numerous descriptions of bondage and sexual activity. However, that does not seem to me to be what the book is actually about. Everybody (men in particular) likes to have some degree of control over what happens to them. Most of us probably assume we have more than we actually do. Sometimes something happens that makes us realise how little we actually have. That's what happens here. The way in which the author applies the thumbscrews to his witless victim helps poor William to appreciate this. Throughout the novel people are on his case and the fact that he is unaware of their machinations provides the narrative with just a hint of Kafka. Partly because of that, but for other reasons too, it's a page turner that leaves the reader at each turn in the plot wanting to find out what happens next. A first novel for this author and an impressive start.

I know who 'Shovelbeard' is, and where he's coming from with his review, but I've no clue who 'Flip' is.
I have been promised other reviews, but they have yet to materialise. I expect that happens a lot.

by Amazon review

Tied down as you pretty much guess from the title of the book is focused on some aspects of bdsm and sexual activity. The thing I really enjoyed the most was the fact that the woman is in charge here. It differs from the standard fifty shades of grey style where the woman is the sub and almost helpless when it comes to the man she is in love with. it's great to show bdsm through the eyes of. a male sub. It is a great page turner with an even greater plot! Well done on this story! Really enjoyed it

by NetGalley review

Stephen Davidson

After weather forecasting and teaching, Stephen Davidson worked as a researcher in two quangos and three UK universities, visiting all the locations in his novel, Tied Down?. His skills proved handy when it came to researching feminine dominance. He lives in Wiltshire, writes poetry, and respects alternative intimacies.

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