Troubador The Unforgiving Shore

Released: 28/06/2015

ISBN: 9781784622596

eISBN: 9781784628994

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Unforgiving Shore


Young Ellen Colbert 'deserts' her paralysed husband when she can no longer bear caring for him. She takes work as part of the kitchen staff at the Marchmont mansion, where she meets the charming John Marchmont, who whisks her off to Australia. For months John and Ellen enjoy their lives at Mirabilly, a vast cattle station in the north owned by the Marchmonts, until a lawyers letter arrives for John. They discover that by an accident of family deaths and a destroyed will he has inherited the bulk of the Marchmont wealth. John sets off immediately for London, leaving a jilted Ellen behind. John returns to Mirabilly four years later to discover that Ellen has married the head stockman and has a young son, Paul, who was born soon after John left for London. When Paul's father is tragically drowned, he begins to hear rumours about his true parentage… his mother denies it, but could he be Marchmont's son? This contemporary novel deals with the importance of knowing your paternity. Filled with romance and family issues, The Unforgiving Shore is a gripping read for fans of romantic fiction, as well as those who enjoy a family saga.

A man without a past, and a woman without a future. This is a novel about the friendship between a young musician, David, who has lost his memory in a car accident, and an older woman, Cathy, who is dying from Hiuntington's disease. It is a light-hearted look at the effect of degenerative diseases on those who care.

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Gil Hogg

Gil Hogg has drawn on his experience as a corporate lawyer to write two thrillers, A Smell of Fraud and The Predators. His work for a national drug dependency charity for several years brought him into close touch with the culture of dependency, and led to his non-fiction book about how to handle stress, Teaching Yourself Tranquillity. Caring for Cathy is based on his family's experience of caring for a loved one with the degenerative disease, Huntington's.

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