Troubador The Portuguese House

Released: 28/11/2019

ISBN: 9781838591199

eISBN: 9781838597863

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Portuguese House


After being badly let down by her husband, writer Liz O’Malley takes a holiday in Goa, in India. To her surprise she falls in love with the place, the people and an old, somewhat derelict, Portuguese house. To her sister’s equal surprise she buys the house and employs local people to return it to its former impressive glory.  

At a social event she meets the widowed British Ambassador and there is a definite frisson. The beginning of a romance is shattered when one of his two sons is taken ill. The situation is further complicated when the Ambassador moves to Paris, and a wealthy German divorcee targets him for her next marriage. 

Meanwhile Liz is offered a book tour of the United States and has further adventures there, accompanied by an extremely lively P.R. from her publishing house. But will it be possible for her romance to be re-kindled, and will she find happiness in her new home in the Portuguese house?

A Different Kind of Life - Published 2016

Claire's Story - Published 2017

Blood in the Snow - Published 2018

The Portuguese House - To be published this year

The Land of Blue Grass - In the pipeline!!

Brilliant, I think it’s my favourite, although I say that about all of Pamela’s books. Love the characters, locations and storylines. I can’t wait for the next one to be published.

by Amazon Customer

A transportation to India. Full of colour and culinary delights. Another great novel beautifully written by Pamela Holloway.

by Marie Williams

A lovely escapist read. I had been storing this up for a chance to read and enjoy it. My chance came when I was recovering from a bug and was able to read it at one sitting. What luxury!

The heroine is sympathetic and although her lifestyle is out of most people’s reach, some of the problems she encounters such as potential stepchildren hostility, are ones that are familiar to many people nowadays. Her descriptions of teenage boys and how they behave is both humorous and true to life. I really enjoyed reading this and if you’re looking for an enjoyable few hours in another world this is it.

by Gert Lush

The Portuguese House is a delightful book and an excellent read. The heroine is very likeable and the story has some unexpected turns of event before reaching a very satisfactory ending. A good deal of the book is set in Goa and is so well described, that one can imagine what it would be like to visit. The book is very well written and deserves to be read.

by Clare Kalis

Pamela D Holloway

Pamela spent her early years in Warwickshire and later was on the staff of the Bank of England.

Married life proved quite challenging firstly as the wife of an army officer who subsequently became an international company director and finally, an Anglican Minister. She laughingly said it was like having three different husbands.

Writing has always been part of her life and whilst abroad she published a number of short stories and poetry before she was finally encouraged by a family member to find a publisher for her novels. She has published two novels with a third due out in November 2018 and a fourth in 2019. Others, including an illustrated children's book, are in the pipeline.


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