Troubador The Enchanted Rib

Released: 16/10/2014

eISBN: 9781784628000

Format: eBook

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The Enchanted Rib


James is a collector of antiques. Working in the wine trade enables him to travel extensively to vineyards and source such antiquities. All he has of his past is a jewelled medallion, of which he knows nothing, only the feelings he experiences when he wears it. Lavinia sleeps on in an enchanted world, holding a precious secret. Her heart holds his life until that day. Lavinia, the other saviour of the Great City, remembers everything and has been searching for James for a long time. After one thousand years and many searches, Lavinia materialises again. She sees James as a child, with his Great Uncle Jack at the artefacts exhibition; her intuition, and feelings, tell her it was he who had fallen.

This is a tale about everything you might expect to find in a mythical world: power struggles, sorcerers' betrayals, enchantments, love and tragedy – all on a scale that's grand beyond imagining. We go racing through the centuries, towards an incredible climax. For our two heroes, love conquers all, but it comes at a heavy price. Many tales have been written of this tragic love. Myths have evolved and changed over the centuries. Who knows the truth? No one has ever written an ending as it’s not possible. Or is it?

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