Troubador The Elusive Soulmate

Released: 28/05/2014

eISBN: 9781783066278

Format: eBook

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The Elusive Soulmate


The Elusive Soulmate takes a lively and light-hearted look at that powerful drive familiar to us all – the yearning to find that one Special Person who will make our life complete. It blends fiction with spirituality in a charming story about finding a soulmate.

Thirty-year-old Jenny, who has always considered herself to be anything but a romantic and who is determinedly resistant to any concept of reincarnation and destiny and All That Stuff, has a rude awakening during a Rachmananinov concert at the Festival Hall.

By some strange alchemy, the Second Piano Concerto throws her off balance by unleashing her inner romantic and driving her on an almost obsessive quest to find The One. After years of fruitless searching, and as her 40th birthday looms, Jenny is informed by a psychic that the elusive soulmate does indeed exist, that his name is Dominic and that she will find him within a fortnight by looking ‘closer to home’. Jenny applies herself to the exasperating task of trying to uncover which of the various men in her life have that essential Dominic-connection. In the process, she is forced to reconnect with past lives and loves in order to acknowledge the Truth…

The Elusive Soulmate is laced with mystical truths which are presented with such lightness of touch that the reader absorbs them effortlessly as the fairytale unfolds. The book will appeal to readers who already have an interest in spirituality and reincarnation and anyone looking for a bit of feel-good escapism.


Ten intriguing stories (some humorous, some romantic, some disturbing) which illustrate how our aspirations and actions today shape our life tomorrow. Most have a supernatural element and a twist in the tail of the tale. Settle back and enjoy the company of some memorable characters whose foibles may not be a million miles from your own…
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Valerie  Knight


'We are all dancing on a shifting carpet…'

I was born in a genteel corner of Edinburgh in 1951 and seven months later, was whisked away to Baghdad where my father was working. I seem to have been on the move ever since…

It was this nomadic existence which caused a friend to comment that I had spent my entire life 'dancing on a shifting carpet…'

She was right, but it has been no bad thing. It is this very restlessness, coupled with the longterm effects of a debilitating illness when I was 21, which has been responsible for my lifelong quest for Something More – an anchor to make sense of the rollercoaster ride of my life. The journey so far has been fascinating and, for all its struggles, I wouldn't change a thing.

Since those early years spent in Iraq, Iran and Libya (all of which were kingdoms at the time), I have packed up and moved more times than I can count. I have made my home in Amsterdam, in northern Italy, in Cyprus, and in Australia where I spent 12 years moving from Brisbane to Perth to Adelaide. From time to time England beckoned me home and I put down shallow roots in Devon, Dorset, Oxfordshire and London – not forgetting eight delightful years at an eccentric boarding school in Warwickshire in the 1960s.

Now, at 62, I feel relatively 'settled' on the island of Cyprus to which I returned three years ago and which provides the closest blend I have found of Englishness with the heat, dust and cooking aromas of the Middle East.

Two things have accompanied me on my shifting carpet ride over the decades: the written word and cats. Most of my working life has been spent in the fields of Public Relations and Publishing and almost everything I have written, from press releases and magazine articles to short stories and, now, a novella, has been written with a cat on my lap.

Thanks to yoga and chi kung, and time spent with a spiritual master in Cyprus in the 1990s, along with access to countless inspirational books over the years, I have found a measure of peace and have always enjoyed sharing my experiences and insights through my writing. I like experimenting with different genres and exploring spiritual matters from a light-hearted standpoint.

What I have discovered is that everyone is dancing on a shifting carpet, some falling over more often than others, and my intention whenever I write is to inform, entertain and inspire the reader so that he or she feels a little better about themselves and their potential to enjoy the dance.

My life now is quiet and that's the way I like it. Oh, and I share my seaside flat with a one-eyed cat called Chloe…

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