Troubador The Course of Life

Released: 28/02/2017

ISBN: 9781788036856

Format: Paperback

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The Course of Life

Where Passion, Truth and Faith Collide


At the age of twenty, Matthew thought his life was set fair. He had a good career, good friends and was engaged to Wendy, his childhood sweetheart. He longed to be married and have a family, but it seems life was destined to take a different course. Wendy calls off the engagement, and devastated, Matthew goes to London to join a close friend, Ben, to work at The Christian Bookshop on their Life Courses. Although successful, his growing dissatisfaction with religion reignites a desire to challenge the very core of his faith, the Bible.All this ends in tears as Matthew falls in love with an older woman. Although the story is set in the Swinging Sixties, this still results in a huge family row and Matthew leaves to make his way in life on his own. How can Matthew ever get back to his family and the woman he loves? Will Matthew write his gospel or will his religion create insurmountable barriers? We follow Matthew’s story as he struggles to rebuild his life and to fulfil his ambitions and dreams. He has to come to terms with corruption and deceit and face betrayal and the collapse of everything he holds dear.

Friday, 10th April, 2015 saw the launch of 'A Question of Truth' at the Windsor Hotel in Worthing at the Old Azurians AGM and dinner.

It was a very enjoyable evening and as the town of Worthing and the High School for Boys form a significant part of the novel, it was a fitting event for the launch.

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Brian Musgrove

Brian was born in York during the Second World War. However, the family moved to Worthing in 1948 and this is where Brian was to spend his formative years and where much of the action of his novels takes place. He attended Broadwater Manor House School, its pre-preparatory school and Worthing High School and these form the background to the early part of the first novel.

Brian was originally confirmed into the Church of England, but later became a member of Steyne Gardens Methodist Church. Through his teaching in the Junior Church, Brian began to see the confusion and doubt that formed in the minds of young people and set about trying to formulate a common sense foundation and understanding of their faith.

Through a subsequent study of religion and the outcome of current religious conflicts and world events, it has become apparent that there are fundamental flaws in the way we accept religious beliefs and this and the plight of young people today are the underlying theme behind his moving stories.

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