Troubador Swingers 1

Released: 01/05/2007

ISBN: 9781905886647

Format: Paperback

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Swingers 1


Swingers is a brutally honest account of the highs and lows a couple experience as they progress from naive first-timers to hard-nosed swingers. It lays open the mysterious and secretive swinging scene, telling us how, where and why couples enter the swinging scene.

This book is not for the timid... you'll learn about doggers (single men who meet couples for sex in night-time car parks for illicit sex sessions); of the clandestine world of hard core swinging groups with their often bizarre initiation ceremonies; and about rubber-clad female dominatrix who revel in dominating men.

Swingers may shock with its honesty as it takes us thorugh the pain and the pleasure, triumphs and tragedies of this bizarre and intoxicating lifestyle.

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