Troubador Standing Orders

Released: 28/08/2016

ISBN: 9781785893209

Format: Paperback

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Standing Orders


Standing Orders is an inspirational, contemporary tale of hope and friendship in the face of overwhelming odds.

While in his final year at university, Tom Kettlewell’s relationship with his girlfriend ends tragically and changes the way he views the world. He develops a cynical outlook on life and although he goes on to become a successful businessman, his personal life remains unfulfilled. During his rise to the top, Tom anonymously uses his wealth to sponsor an African child, in an attempt to reconcile the moral conscience he has seemingly suppressed.

Amaka Onyali, the child Tom supports, was raised in St Jerome Mission after she was orphaned by events in the Nigerian Civil War. Later in life, Amaka discovers the identity of her benefactor and while on a visit to London, she decides to find Tom and thank him personally for improving her life.

Following the meeting, Tom mysteriously goes missing and Amaka is forced to track him down once again. She finds him in a life-threatening situation and decides to help, motivated by a sense of duty. Together, they form a special bond and they gradually reveal to each other their individual traumas.

Set at a time of immense change for Great Britain and Nigeria, Standing Orders relates a loving friendship between two people from different cultures who dramatically change each other’s lives.

Standing Orders was a riveting read; I couldn't put it down. From start to finish it leaves the reader guessing as to how the storyline connects seemingly random people and events, but it does so beautifully. There is tragedy and success; fulfillment and great sadness; the political and the personal all intertwined in a gripping first novel.

by Chris Richards

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