Troubador Shadows of the Nile

Released: 02/01/2014

ISBN: 9781783062454

Format: Paperback

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Shadows of the Nile


It’s Aline’s first visit to Egypt – or is it?

As soon as Aline embarks on a Nile cruise, she experiences a mysterious sense of déjà vu. The people she meets feel like more than just casual acquaintances, as if she has met them somewhere before…

There is the enigmatic Peter, who chides her and makes her laugh; Achmed, who is timeless; Jan, a motherly figure; and Gerald, an artist with a strange demeanour. Why does she feel so close to these people? Who really is the strange Nephthys who claims to be an ordinary businesswoman? Does the handsome man who keeps appearing on the horizon really exist, or is he merely a ghost from the past?

With the help of some mystical items, Aline travels back in time to discover a history full of danger and passion. Her adventures in both the past and the present are strongly linked, and only when she can at last find her lover and fight for his existence can she fulfil her true destiny.

This spirited adventure moves across Egypt, taking the reader on a journey down the Nile and through the Valley of the Kings, Karnak and many other temples. It is a captivating tale that will have fans of romance desperate to find out if Aline can find her long-lost lover and take her rightful place in history.

Goodreads, 19 May

Goodreads, 23 February

Cayocosta72 Book Reviews, 14 January

Enjoyable cruise on the Nile with a journey back into the past!
8 Feb 2014.

I really enjoyed this book. First of all I enjoyed the visit to the Pyramids, and the cruise along the Nile. It really felt authentic, as if I was there. I like this sort of adventure story, and this one didn't disappoint me; I was dying to find out if it would all resolve itself, and Aline find her man! The book goes between the present and the past, and I soon got used to that, it was done well. The characters were really lively; I loved the old-fashioned Peter always wearing his white suit. He can't remember if Mary is his fourth wife - super! There's lots of magic in it, and this is done well, and the snakes come to the rescue when things go bad. It goes at a fair pace, and is hard to put down. It's an excellent story, worth getting hold of, definitely.

by Sheila Platten

A book that would jump off the shelves of a cruise ship 10 Feb 2014

I really enjoyed this well written page turner that re-awakened memories of a Nile cruise last year. Jo Franklin recaptured the atmosphere of the country past and present with her ingenious plot. She linked the members of a travelling party with colourful characters from ancient times in an exciting story. These were vividly drawn and the temple murals really came to life. I can't imagine why cruise ships don't have a good stock of this book on their shelves to complement the galabeyas and pyramids on sale, they literally would 'jump off the shelves'.
Shadows of the Nile is perfect reading for those who have become 'templed out', or who are looking for a great souvenir of memorable cruise. And, if you can't go for real read this book and enjoy!

by Peerpoint

A wonderful whimsical mystery and love story

This is a charming story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I admired how skillfully the writer intertwined past and present, myths and reality. I was reminded of my own cruise down the Nile and my visits to all those storied places. Aline's cruise mates reminded me a little of the Agatha Christies characters from her story set on the Nile. I think the book would appeal especially to younger people and I loved the fact that it had a wonderful happy ending, very much in the present. I would highly recommend buying it before going on that much dreamt about Nile Cruise and reading it as you sail on that fabled river making the stops Aline made.

by Brigitte Vogt

I read this on recommendation of a friend and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have never been to Egypt but this book made it come to life and made me want to go. The linking of the past to the present made for an exciting read. And a lovely ending too

by Harry Midgley

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