Troubador Settling

Released: 28/04/2014

eISBN: 9781780886114

Format: eBook

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Tony Ballard has been married for forty years. He is haunted by the knowledge that he never loved his wife and settled for a relationship less fulfilling than he truly desired. He was unwilling to walk away from his marriage, not least for the sake of his two daughters. He has run a successful business with which he is now bored. Tony has accepted that this is how his life will remain until the end of his days. Tony's wife dies suddenly. Although grieved, Tony's overriding guilty emotion is suppressed excitement that he is now free to reshape his life. He is puzzled, however, by an apology spoken to him by his wife on her death bed. Tony sets out to change everything about himself. He is determined to find love before it is too late. Tony joins an internet dating agency. His search for new love, and attempts to rejuvenate his appearance, upsets his distant relationship with his two grown up daughters. Tony's self-absorbed behaviour also leads to other family secrets emerging, which further causes Tony to doubt the foundation of his adult life. Then an unexpected discovery leads Tony back to the past and the unsatisfactory nature of his marriage is reinforced by a shocking revelation. Tony attempts to resolve his relationship with his family but is it too late? Is the emotional damage too severe? Was his wife as loyal as Tony always assumed? Will Tony find real love? A surprise confrontation leads to an unexpected resolution.

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