Troubador Setting Sail

Released: 28/07/2014

ISBN: 9781783064922

eISBN: 9781783066216

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Setting Sail


Setting Sail is the heavily anticipated, new addition to ‘The Celestial Sea Voyages’ series by Marina de Nadous. It follows on from the glorious, exciting and heart-wrenching tale; Dry Dock. Pick a subject to cause a stir; something to feed readers’ minds. What would you choose? Romance or adventure? Maybe spirituality? Sensuality? How about domestic hilarity? Betrayal and erotica? Or a mystery that conceals an unborn child? Setting Sail captures all of these elements as an English housewife takes the reader on a memorable and compelling journey. Written as the on-going diary of an English housewife, Setting Sail charts her personal journey as she experiences the adventure of a lifetime overseas in New Zealand. Exploring the beautiful, scenic regions of New Zealand, she discovers a love match so potent that neither she nor her lover can stamp out the flame that appears fanned by Angelic forces, no matter how high the barriers they either self-impose or others demand. The bond of her twenty-two-year marriage is seriously challenged as everyone comes to terms with the truth that refuses to subside. The undeniable joy, mixed with the escalating moral quandary, portrays a realistic account of a housewife struggling with the crumbling foundations of her marriage while embracing the beauty of an exquisite, spiritual connection. Richly sensual and deeply poetic, Setting Sail shares with readers the humorous, playful and despairing troubles of the lovers’ powerful relationship. Readers of travel fiction and romance will find this novel thought-provoking and enriching. Marina de Nadous enjoys the spirituality that Scott Peck explores in his novels. She believes her connection with emotional intimacy and spirituality has enabled her to develop a relaxed writing style that is accessible to many. Find out how the story ends in Marina’s forthcoming books, entitled Calm Waters, No Horizon, Kookaburra on the Deck and Time is the Brake.

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