Troubador Salvage

Released: 28/08/2016

ISBN: 9781785891557

Format: Paperback

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Salvage tells the story of Irish couple Pam Cronin and Pat McElroy, who meet by chance at a seminar: she is a recently qualified doctor and he is an ambitious young architect. When they meet again they realize they have fallen deeply in love, quickly marry and have two children. Their relationship becomes strained when Pam wants to return to work, which Pat forbids. Pam yields to Pat’s arguments and concentrates on her children and outside interests, but as a result their previously happy marriage begins to unravel. As the years pass by, their relationship only deteriorates more. At times, Pam feels that, in the eyes of her husband, she isn’t worth paying attention to. She tries to draw Pat’s attention to the state of their marriage, but he insists there is nothing wrong and that the problems are all in her mind. She suggests a separation, but he dismisses the idea and adds if there has to be one, he would look for custody of the children. Knowing by now that their marriage is falling apart, Pam starts to plan for a future without her husband and children, but tragedy strikes when she is seriously injured while trying to save a child from being run over by a bus. Alone in her hospital bed, Pam has some life-changing decisions to make. Will she compromise her dreams again, or decide to carry on alone and build a new life? Salvage’s thought-provoking story will appeal to those looking for a romantic novel with substance.

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