Troubador Promise Me

Released: 28/04/2015

eISBN: 9781784629694

Format: eBook

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Promise Me

(you won't tell)


How easy it is to judge - without having all the knowledge to form a proper opinion? Anna was the sort of woman, women envy. Tall, beautiful, wealthy and elegant, wife and mother. She was also a regular member of the congregation at her local church. Anna also does voluntary work and on the surface her life seemed without reproach. She was well respected within the community although slightly unapproachable and remote. But behind this facade of respectability was a woman with a secret, living a life that bore no reality to what her external appearance portrayed. With her family away for the summer, Anna is enticed into an affair with a younger man who is looking for a summer dalliance. After a turbulent start, their relationship grows into a love affair. Anna knows that dark secrets are often hard to keep as sometimes you have to satisfy your own need to tell, and in a moment of indiscretion, she confides something that happened in her past. The reaction she received was not as anticipated. This admission by Anna, sets of truly life changing events for her and her family. PROMISE ME regards a human dilemma, a diabolical act and a new beginning that finally resolves a troubled conscience – albeit with humane retribution.

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Christopher Santos

Christopher Santos comes from Glasgow.

An Hour Too Soon? is his first novel followed by A Mile in Her Shoes.

Book trailers for both books can be found on You Tube.

Christopher Santos

West of Scotland newspaper.
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