Troubador Plain Janey

Released: 28/11/2019

eISBN: 9781838597535

Format: eBook

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Plain Janey


Jane and Sophie met in 1993 and instantly became close friends; fast forward to 2016 and both women are enjoying successful careers and happy lives. But what happens when your happy ever after is threatened? What happens when the rug is pulled from under your feet, sending your hopes and dreams flying? When the journey you forged and the relationships you nurtured are now forced to take a diversion?

Packed with suspense, Plain Janey is a romance novel with a twist. An intense and passionate look at infidelity, Nicola McDonald has woven a unique tale of friendship, manipulation, grief - and what happens when your life is falling apart.

Plain Janey is my first self published ebook and I loved writing it and injecting the emotional intensity that the subject of infidelity demands. I almost feel as though I have to place myself in the mind of my characters to show the reader their actions and thoughts from an authentic perspective. That's a little tougher with some, especially where their values are not necessarily aligned with mine.

Plain Janey is so very different from my novel In Search of the Christmas Spirit which is available through Austin Macauley Publishers in 2020 but, I love them equally.

I laughed and cried throughout my stories as I stepped through the emotional whirlwind.

The thing that remains consistent within my work is the desire to provide a voice for children whether they are main characters or not. It is, I have been told, not usual for a writer especially when the book leans towards adult but, for me for any story to be complete a perspective from all is necessary.

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Nicola McDonald

When, after 30 years in IT, redundancy hit twice I took that as a sign and an opportunity to make a change.

I was passionate about two things, writing and empowering others. So I got myself a Personal Development Coach and embarked on a journey with two paths.

I trained as a Personal Development Coach and I set out with intent to write a novel stepping over and stamping on limited beliefs that had held me back all of these years.

I believed if I was going to help my clients walk towards their desires I had to walk my own walk and so I have and always will.

I hope you enjoy the emotional journey.

Nicola McDonald - Author & Personal Development Coach
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