Troubador Pares

Released: 28/01/2021

eISBN: 9781800468924

Format: eBook

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The story of Thomas & Hanna


When Thomas, a 50 year old bachelor, goes out shopping on his birthday and ends up in an old fashioned toy store, he doesn’t expect to meet a talking bear… The bear seems wise, offering Thomas guidance on love and tips on how to get in touch with his heart. So Thomas takes the bear home.

When he falls in love with Hanna, it’s the bear who guides him through the ups and downs of this new relationship, steering him every step of the way as he navigates this new and unknown territory. Thomas is considerably older than Hanna, but with the bear’s wisdom and gentle guidance, he’s able to open his heart and embrace his new relationship.

A perfect merger of drama and comedy, of light-hearted humour and deeper experiences, Pares is a heartwarming tale of what is possible when you open yourself up to a new adventure.

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