Troubador Our Kind of Music

Released: 28/03/2014

ISBN: 9781783061693

Format: Paperback

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Our Kind of Music


This is a story of people you might know. Some kindly men, a few hysterical women, sons who cause exasperation... It is a story of halted dreams, of new dreams dreamed, of love and loyalty, and love and disloyalty.

Our Kind of Music follows one man’s journey along a highway initially perceived to be clear of obstacles but which, inevitably, presents hurdles he could not anticipate. It is also the story of his son, whose bravado leads him along a different path to the soul-searching that this ultimately entails.

Set against shifting backgrounds – some as exotic as the Seychelles and Tahiti, some as safely domestic as New England’s Vermont and old England’s Dorset, and others as vibrant as Sydney and New York, this story is rich in personality, fostering an innate knowledge of who the characters are and how they feel. Not all are liked, but some are so deeply loved that they linger in the senses, and by the end you might almost expect to bump into them, like old friends, on Main Street.

This novel is set over four decades, starting in 1937 and culminating in early 1982, less driven by the events of those years than merely touched by them, just as world events are experienced by ordinary lives. But always, always, running through those years, there is music…

Our Kind of Music is a book about ordinary people attempting to lead ordinary lives (not always successfully), and though it is not without doses of light trauma, readers will discover a strong sense of place all around the world, and a nostalgic theme of music running throughout.

Goodreads, 31 May

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