Troubador No Man No Cry

Released: 28/05/2017

ISBN: 9781788036412

Format: Paperback

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No Man No Cry


Until death us do part? Not likely. Four women reach middle age and begin to question the value of the men in their lives... Olivia, a sensual and bubbly drama teacher, married to staid, selfish Dominic, is caught up in her own drama when she surrenders her good sense to the attentions of one of her senior pupils. Lindsay, lost in her self-imposed seclusion, has never come to terms with the death of her husband. When her elderly mother succumbs to dementia and Lindsay has to face a second bereavement, it is more than she can cope with. Patty lives with her brother, orphans from their teenage years. Neither has married and their relationship is too close for Patty’s comfort. She conceals this distress behind her dual personality of prim social worker by day and formidable rock chick by night. Helen’s executive job allows her to act the part of Samantha in Sex and the City, but her boardroom success is not replicated in bed. Her third marriage is on the rocks and her very considerable female wiles no longer seem to be working. The four women welcome the opportunity to move to Spain – though not necessarily together! With much humour, and even more tears, these women gradually learn to rely on each other and look forward to the future – without their men. Uplifting, funny and thought-provoking, No Man No Cry is a sexy, sharply-written tale featuring colourful and relatable characters.

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