Troubador Never Forget You

Released: 04/06/2015

eISBN: 9781784625979

Format: eBook

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Never Forget You


Harpreet is just an ordinary young British Asian woman brought up in the Midlands, struggling to juggle the conflicting demands of the Western society she is brought up in and the cultural Asian background she has to conform to. Her beauty and eloquence are rewarded with a match from a wealthy family for her hand in marriage. She is expected to be happy and grateful - after all, this is what her education and training her whole life have been for, hasn’t it? But she is not happy. Harpreet wants more for herself than the steady, reliable life provided to her by Ajay, her husband. How can she tell anyone she does not love him. And does she really know what love is?

Nearly a decade later, a tragedy rocks her world and the worlds of those around her. Life will never be the same. She finds comfort in the arms of Michael Daniels, the dashing, addictive young lawyer with a troubled past. Harpreet has never experienced such intense feelings towards any man. They both embark on a toxic and destructive relationship, brought together by the shadows of their past. A tragic and deeply moving story of passion, love, betrayal and loss.

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