Troubador Natural Magic

Released: 11/10/2013

eISBN: 9780953524730

Format: eBook

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Natural Magic


Told in a series of erotically-charged, often highly comic and moving episodes, Natural Magic reveals the life story of an Essex boy.

Bournemouth author Andrew John Garcia has used events from his own life as the inspiration behind this erotic and entertaining novel.

Told by an Essex boy as he grows in sexual awareness, we see the effects these feelings have on his relationships – both within and outside the family – as he transforms into a man. Memorable events and music of the 1950s through to the 1970s, are the backdrop to the intensely intimate themes that appear throughout the story.

Garcia’s writing also reflects the growing disillusion of these years, as the structure of society changes and is no longer able to satisfy the individual. Instead, this boy is forced to discover these deeper, more personal levels of fulfilment for himself.

By turns erotic, challenging and enormous fun, Garcia has created a novel which burns with a passion for life and presents human beings in all their vulnerability and – ultimately – their beauty.

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