Troubador Mr Pink

Released: 28/10/2019

ISBN: 9781838590321

Format: Paperback

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Mr Pink


Will Mr Pink choose love, or revenge?

Mr Pink is a sociopathic magazine publisher hell-bent on taking an elaborate revenge for an old wrong doing. Half Swedish and half English with the right pedigree, good looks and enviable self-esteem, Mr Pink opens every door.

He plays by his own rules, uses every trick in the book and invents some new ones. For Mr Pink, sex is a way to manipulate others and see to it that he gets what he wants. He plays his victims like an instrument, each time getting the tune that he seeks.

Mr Pink’s path is crossed by a Swedish journalist, Andreas, who with he enters into a volatile relationship. It leads to an emotional wake up as well as soul searching, and Mr Pink has to look at his own reflection and wonder if he likes what he sees.

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