Troubador Me Men Menopause

Released: 14/12/2015

eISBN: 9781785895104

Format: eBook

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Me Men Menopause


Ageing hits women hard We lose our looks We lose our sexual confidence We lose ourselves in the pain of becoming invisible. The menopause is far more than a cessation of fertility. It’s a devastating blow, a closing down - the loss of the physical self we knew (that loss of sensation). A rising panic, a dread, affects our ability to live with our previous optimism and lust for life. Lust, where did that go? If you lose your self, your female essence, what remains when you avoid the mirror? Is all that is left sexual fantasies? In this candid ‘erotic autobiography’, Cathy Sangster gives full rein to her secret fantasies, as well as sharing her own experience of how she learned how to deal with men – and now, how she deals with the Menopause. The pause in men. While all around indifferent men and beautiful young women remind her of what she will never experience again.

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Cathy Sangster

I was born and grew up in the West Country. I have four and a half siblings. University in a northern city was followed by six months in Saudi Arabia working as a nanny for the royal family. I then went to Bavaria to work as a kitchen help for a few months and stayed six years: working as a chambermaid, nanny, packer in a chocolate factory; and finally, after I learned German, in an office. After five years in Bath I now live within an hour's commute of London.

I dream of retirement, deplore the extra six years I need to wait for my pension, and plot where my feet will take me when I'm free, to take my country count to 100.

Me Men Menopause was inspired by a desire to share my experience of the shift in men's attitudes to me as a female as I aged. And - my attitude to them. In the past, hormone-fuelled and conditioned. My stated ambition was to come back as a 32F. Now, my dream would be the eradication of porn, and to live in a more natural world where women were happy to be completely, naturally, themselves.

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