Troubador Marriage, A Journey and A Dog

Released: 03/10/2018

eISBN: 9781784626099

Format: eBook

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Marriage, A Journey and A Dog


40-year-old Natalie has no experience of driving through Europe when she has to leave her sleepy market town in the South of England to collect her husband Gerry, from a French hospital. She drives an old Fiat and has only her little dog for company. Gerry loves sport more than his wife and now he is restricted to a hospital bed after a cycling accident.

She gets lost on her way to the hospital, then makes the uncharacteristic decision to stay lost, having adventures in France and Spain. In Paris she faces the reality that love and passion are missing from her marriage. From Paris, Natalie drives through France and across the Pyrenees and onto Barcelona, her experiences forging an adventurous spirit in her, and Flamenco dancing releasing her wild side. While Gerry is annoyed at her stupidity at getting lost, as well he might, she is having a great time. The gulf between them widens.

Natalie believes in marriage and they have a 16-year-old daughter. On her return she desperately holds on to their relationship, and tries to make her new found self, fit into her old life. Her journey has opened up a new career opportunity. A romantic liaison has left her wondering about what she is missing in her marriage. Will she be able to mend her marriage? Should she take a risk and leave Gerry, and everything she has known? Can she truly break free from their past? Join Natalie on her journey of self-discovery.

Marriage, a Journey and a Dog includes discussion notes for reading clubs about life changing events.

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If you love a Romantic Comedy, with the turmoil of conflicting emotions, this unique story is for you. – it says so in the 5* reviews.

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