Troubador Marriage, A Journey and A Dog

Released: 28/08/2015

ISBN: 9781784623692

eISBN: 9781784626099

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Marriage, A Journey and A Dog


A lonely marriage, an incredible journey and a small dog. Natalie's sport-obsessed husband, Gerry, has a cycling accident in France. In her old Fiat, and with her little dog, Spike, she leaves her sleepy market town in the South of England, for France.

A new life begins for Natalie when she is 40. On her journey through France and Spain, Natalie makes many mistakes, but she has a big heart that carries her through. Her story is told with insight and a unique sense of humour.

Natalie takes Spike across the English Channel to collect Gerry from Rouen Hospital. She cannot read maps and gets lost, and finds herself alone in Paris. A new world of experiences awakens her desire for a different life. In Le Louvre, she stares at the Venus de Milo, wishing this goddess of love could change and inspire her marriage.

From Paris, Natalie's journey becomes a pilgrimage and she travels on through France, across the Pyrenees into Spain, and finally to Barcelona, before returning home. She experiences unexpected pleasures, but also faces times of sadness. A busker, a glider pilot, new friends on a boat trip, including Alex, add colour to Natalie's story.

Art plays an increasing role in her life, and flamenco dancing brings out her wild side. Natalie wants to fit her new found self into the life she left behind, but with the potential for new love with Alex and an exciting offer of a career, writing for a magazine about travelling alone, she must decide - should she leave Gerry?

This book is for people who like to escape into a story of love lost and found. Marriage, a Journey and a Dog, includes discussion notes for reading clubs.

Paperback now published and the ebook uploaded. All edited and typeset by Matador. Looking good. Marketing doing well with TV and radio interviews. Twitter and blog/website developing successfully. Two talks and one lecture on creative writing, booked in Sri Lanka (my other life). Writing magazine is including my book on the Subscriber Spotlight Page. U3A sharing information.

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I normally steer clear of romance, but this story is gripping. I was quickly drawn into some tangled relationships, and worried if the character would get out of her misery, or a kind of passive existence, and if her adventure and dreams would be short-lived.

This novel goes beyond romance and provokes you to dig into mixed emotions such as love, loss, shame and guilt.

There was a twist in the story, which was integral to the sense of loss and longing. It was uncomfortable to read, yet it was possibly essential for explaining the complexity of a relationship breakdown.

The story confronts your fear and triggers you to face your deep-seated secrets and your raw emotion. It shows beautifully the interconnectedness of the life of the people around us.

As the story is set in Eastleigh, it brings alive the senses and smells that we're used to from the South of England. Though I have never been to a Bingo hall, the atmosphere and the people in the Bingo community in the book were convincing. So they also have a big dream like Natalie does?

I'm touched by the pursuits of the characters in the story. If love is transient, are you brave enough to break away from the norm and embrace the unknown? Are you worthy of happiness?

The story is rich in conversations and you hear different voices from the characters.

Interestingly the philosopher Confucius considers reaching the age of 40, one should be established and have no delusion. One should be free from doubt and perplexities in life. Yet in the story, at 40, the character Natalie is trying to unravel her life. She examines her inner voices and faces up to her doubts in her life. She examines her inner voices and faces up to her doubts in her imperfect life. It takes courage to even attempt to unsettle an established lifestyle.

I think a novel that gives you pleasure, while challenging your status quo and disturbing you at the same time, is a success.

Marriage a Journey and a Dog is worth your time. I'd read it again.

by Janet Williams

Brenda H  Sedgwick

Love writing. Exploring relationships with humour and a sense of the tragic. I like to entertain the reader.

Creative writing tutor: Winchester U.K Adult Education, Writing for therapy tutor at Winchester Prison, Community Mental Health education, Homeless education projects. (retired)

Volunteering in Sri Lanka as a teacher and Creative Writing teacher trainer.

Always busy when in the U.K, looking after the family and their animals. Writing, of course.

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