Troubador Love in Lindfield

Released: 28/06/2016

ISBN: 9781785892257

Format: Paperback

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Love in Lindfield


As Harry researches locations for a BBC drama in rural Sussex, he begins to fall for Ellie, a spirited and independently-minded local artist. Ellie is cataloguing the former home of the largely forgotten Victorian stained glass artist Charles Eamer Kempe, at the request of its unscrupulous and domineering owner Serena Ross. The two unwittingly become embroiled not only in a tragic love triangle of their own, but also in the echoes of the life and loves of the great master himself. Little do they realise that the events that gradually engulf them are driven by a violent and ghoulish passion, born of a monstrous greed. Set in locations on the coast near Brighton and Kempe’s adopted home of Lindfield, the story switches between Harry’s surprising discoveries about Kempe’s previously unrecorded loves and his modern-day interactions with the dysfunctional Ross family. Love in Lindfield will appeal to romantics, particularly those with a love of history and literature.

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Mid Sussex Times

Wandering through notes of longing, romantic angst and the intricacies of the past, Love In Linfield is the latest release from British author David Smith. Despite its somewhat reserved opening sensibilities, he takes the grand themes of greed and passion, and turns them to full volume as momentum gathers pace. Reader’s familiar with Smith’s Searching For Amber can expect room for wit, poignant turns of phrase and subtle sardonic touches that transform an intriguing plot into a narrative with an abundance of feeling. Using the devices of time, he weaves a story that spans the decades. Secrets are unravelled, bringing a sense of big moments through small events. Sometimes they seem almost trivial yet through Harry and Elle’s burgeoning romance they lead the story forward toward truths that on reflection prove quite profound as lives apart become intrinsically linked. In this way Smith draws us in with surprising ease and you can’t help but be impressed by the quality of execution. Close your eyes and you can imagines events unfolding on celluloid, which invariably proves the mark of a good book.

A wonderfully suspenseful and intriguing romance that proves truly absorbing, Love In Lindfield is highly recommended.

by The BookViral

I found this a fascinating novel, with a contemporary setting in the village of Lindfield in West Sussex. The plot is based upon that of Henry James' novel "The Spoils of Poynton" (published in 1897). David Smith interweaves this plot with a series of letters opening up the personal life of the great Victorian stained glass designer Charles Eamer Kempe who was closely associated with Lindfield, and a friend of the pre-Raphaelites as well as the family of Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll). I became engrossed in the developing relationship between artist Ellie and film location scout Harry, as well as the threat to them both represented by wealthy and controlling Mrs Ross and her ghastly but sexually magnetic grandson Ryan and his on-off fiance Monica. Ellie has been employed to draw up an inventory of Mrs Ross's valuable art collection which Ryan is trying to get his hands on. I enjoyed reading about Ellie and Harry and felt very empathetic towards them both; having not read Henry James' novel, I didn't come to this story, able to guess the shocking end. David Smith has a sure touch in describing contemporary life and relationships and his story-telling is totally absorbing. Highly recommended.

by Sheila Robinson

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