Troubador Lost in the Green Grass

Released: 28/01/2020

ISBN: 9781838591649

eISBN: 9781838597382

Format: Hardback/eBook

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Lost in the Green Grass


Lucinda was the girl who had it all in her twenties; great job, an adoring and glamorous husband, and a beautiful mews house in Notting Hill. Then, with one wrong step, her world was turned upside down. 

Thirty years later she is stuck in a loveless marriage and feeling trapped in sleepy rural Norfolk, wondering how her life has ended up like this. She decides to leave her husband to start a new life abroad, but her well thought out plans to escape, after a final family Christmas together, are turned upside down by an unexpected present from her student son, Jack. Having won a competition for a week’s holiday at one of the coolest spiritual retreats in Tulum, Camp Mayo, he gives this to his mother for her Christmas present, having failed to remember to get her anything else. 

The trip brings unexpected consequences, not just for Lucinda, but for all members of her family as relationships are tested to the limit and years of pent-up emotions are forcibly released. This will lead to everyone questioning everything they thought they knew and ,more importantly, who they are.

ES Magazine

This book was so good! The characters were so well rounded, you felt like you actually knew them! The plot was so good you didn't want the book to end!

by Alicia

Tore right through this book! Lost in the Green Grass follows a middle aged woman, disappointed in the doldrums of her day to day, and looking to reclaim her life as her own. As you get to know her though, you realize that perhaps the situation isn't as clear cut as it seems. It was nice to read a romance that was a little more realistic about the challenges we face in life, and particularly one that fairly (if not complimentarily) shared all perspectives.

by Katilin

Enjoyed this lovely story.The characters came alive kept me turning the pages, took me out of my world into theirs.Highly recommend.

by Abby

Really enjoyed this book. Steady paced, great characters, I was absorbed throughout. Will be reading more Sands books in the future!

by Tabby

This was a nice little book. I enjoyed reading a romance that was a little more realistic about what we face in real life.

by NetGalley review

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