Troubador Lizzie's Dream

Released: 28/08/2018

eISBN: 9781789011685

Format: eBook

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Lizzie's Dream


A bittersweet love story, set against the events of WWI – exploring the effects of war on ordinary people.

A family tragedy. The horrors of war. A secret journal. Can love overcome everything against the highest odds?

Lizzie’s Dream follows the story of a young girl in 1915, who wants to be a governess. Lizzie works at the mill alongside her working class family, which makes her dream job seem unattainable. When she meets a young soldier, Harry, who is stationed nearby, there is an instant attraction.

Against the backdrop of War, the blossoming romance is abruptly cut short as Harry is sent away. Lizzie tries to forget him and pursue her dream instead, but her feelings aren’t easy to fight. She becomes a companion to the mill owner’s daughter Molly, who is too ill to attend school. They quickly become friends, and Lizzie starts to teach her everything she knows. Her dream is starting to become a reality.

Meanwhile, Harry has been wounded and is in a military hospital in Blackburn. Just when Lizzie has almost forgotten about him, she receives a letter which could change everything.

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