Troubador Living with Shadows

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788039178

Format: Paperback

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Living with Shadows

Making the Pieces Fit


A powerful World War 1 drama based in part on a true diary from the time.
A story of healing and redemption within the constant danger from war.
In the chaotic and bloody aftermath of the failed Gallipoli campaign the physical and emotional suffering of those who had fought there was only just beginning. Young Chaplain Crispen Honeybourn watched in terror the men being hauled from the sea and the burning wreckage of their ship. He knew he would be performing many sea burials in the days ahead. He would comfort many more, not just the wounded but also the frightened young nurses helping them. The perilous journey to Malta, and then onwards back to Britain and home, would be fraught with danger, many crises and emotional trauma. It would also be a time of developing friendship between Crispen, the patients and the nurses who looked after them.

Patient 355, who had no uniform or identity papers, was badly injured and suffering from both amnesia and terrible flashbacks. He became the Chaplain’s special concern. The hospital in Malta provided a brief period of respite, but even there the enemy ships were lurking in the sea waiting for their journey to resume. After the traumatic journey is over and when they are back in Britain, the Chaplain then goes to extraordinary lengths to try and retrieve this patients identity. In so doing he would learn much about himself. He also draws great strength from one of the nurses and dares to ponder whether they might have a future together.

The Edinburgh Reporter

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