Troubador Lamplight in the Shadows

Released: 28/02/2015

ISBN: 9781784621582

eISBN: 9781784628208

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Lamplight in the Shadows


Set in the early 1990s, Dr James Armstrong, a young, newly-qualified GP lives with his wife, Janice, in Barminster, where he is busy laying out plans for their future. However, his search for a medical partnership is complicated by a long-term and persistent sense of being called to ordination in the Church of England. Whilst exploring the possibility of a dual professional life as a doctor and priest, he accepts a position as a locum GP in a practice in the quiet market town of Bishopsworth. Once there, his world is thrown into chaos when he finds himself powerfully drawn to a beautiful young woman, whose own marriage is failing. The result is an emotional drama that brings into focus the underlying difficulties of his own bleak relationship. Torn between his loyalty to his wedding vows and the unexpected discovery of true love, James is left battling powerful emotions that make him question all that he has previously stood for. He needs to make some difficult decisions; decisions that will mean winners and losers. But what is he prepared to sacrifice and at what price? Lamplight in the Shadows explores the complex tensions between perceived duty and misplaced loyalties. With characters drawn from rural society and religious settings, the story will appeal to those who enjoy romantic fiction.

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Grimsby Telegraph

The Journal, December 2014

A most enjoyable read. It reminds one, that the roads and crossroads of life lead us inevitably in a different direction than intended, but may one day return us to the right and intended one.

by Alan Richardson

Excellent read , I very much recommend this book , I'm sure many more to come ,from this up and coming author.

by Lorraine Richardson

I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Lamplight in the Shadows'; it is a very inspiring and thought-provoking novel.

by L.S.

Bought the book Thursday evening and finished it by Monday!I found the content most enjoyable, but even more,inspiring.It encourages the reader to search within oneself, to ask questions and to seek answers.A real find from an excellent author.

by R. Halstead

This book was seven years in the writing. Was it worth the wait? Undoubtedly yes but don’t be fooled into thinking this novel is in the “hearts and flowers” genre. It isn’t. In many respects it is a sad book and although of course it has its happily ever after ending (what good book doesn’t) there are many twists and turns amongst the way.

Why do I find the book melancholy in some ways? To the outsider the hero of the novel has it all – a blossoming career as a doctor with the possibility of combining that role with becoming a non-stipendiary priest, fulfilling two strands so important in his life. But all is not as it seems on the surface and a bleak, empty home life seems to be all that he has to look forward to and in many respects it lays bare the difference between what the outsider thinks they see looking into a person’s life and the actual reality.

But, as the saying goes, true love conquers all and after much soul-searching this novel is the living proof of that quote.

An added bonus is that if you live in either the East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire areas be ready to look for clues of where you are in the settings for the novel.

by BartonBeat

Wow! What a brilliant, awesome read. Feeling lost today having finished the book. Need the next one soon. Don't miss this wonderful read.

by Jo Powell

Loved the book from start to finish very well written couldn't put it down, would highly recommend, looking forward to the next one.

by Jane Clegg

Can't put it down. How am I supposed to work? It's riveting because it is different.

by Carol Thornton

A gripping read.

by L.B.

A book well worth buying! I am enjoying reading about the almost 'real life' characters; brings back memories of my study of differing religions too.I shall feel 'lost' when I reach the end.

by Ramona P

How’s novel No 2 coming along? No 1 will be a tough act to follow!

by Bob P.

I absolutely loved it. Got very into the characters. Beautifully written.

by Ande

A truly enjoyable inspirational read. I was grasped within the first page,drawn in from start to finish, couldn't put the book down. Traveling with James in his life's turmoil, searching his inner depths, his up hill struggle to achive his calling, his very sad loveless homelife until yes true love did conquer all. This book also has a feel good factor to it, leaving me happy and content as I turned the last page. Looking forward to the authors next novel.,just hope it doesn't take seven years. With Thanks.

by Jo Powell

Great thought provoking story with incredible attention to detail! I got into the characters very quickly and thoroughly enjoyed the story-line. It was also fun recognising geographical areas in the book. Enjoyed the little twist at the end. I passed it on to my 85 year old mum who finished it in less than 4 days and she really enjoyed it too. Look forward to the next one.

by Ande Salvin-Keech

A compelling and wonderfully written book which takes the reader on a strangely frustrating yet highly empathetic emotional journey. Littered throughout with countless fascinating anecdotes and facts (taken from many aspects of life), one cannot help feel that you are not only being treated to a 'right riveting read' but also benefiting from the authors undoubted intellect from a lifetime of reading and study. Many will relate to the moral and ethical issues and debilitating self critical analysis faced by the main character when 'seemingly' trapped in a marriage that has either lost its love (or perhaps was only mistakenly ever there in the first place) and when true love unexpectedly knocks at the door. Whatever the readers views on infidelity and religion and the inevitable ethical and moral issues that arise, it is not only a captivating story but one that inspires faith in humanity in the knowledge that sometimes allowing your heart to rule your head will more often than not lead you along the right pathway to happiness that all of us deserve.

by David A Walker

I have read, and enjoyed, it. The book clearly reveals wide reading, and in particular your love of poetry. You write well, and the developing story demonstrates a deep understanding of conflicting, and conflicted, human emotions. Thank you for the book, of which I think you can be justifiably proud.

by G P

This novel is both satisfying and challenging. Well written, the characters readily step off the page into the mind’s stage. With precision the author leads the reader through bitter-sweet consequences of relationships between people of differing ambition and determination. Recognition of the threat of stagnation is acutely observed, as is the need for change; but bitterness is sown. The easy solution provided by romance is elegantly counterbalanced by skilful reference to Christian values; forcing the reader to question the weakness of today’s secular society. “Lamplight in the Shadows” is a must-read!

by Qualbob

Thoroughly enjoyed the book.

by Linda Lambert

I have read the novel twice and have only one word to say: Excellent!

by Elaine Southern

This book was superb. Being a reader who does not live in England, the descriptions of the locations, town, and scenery had me wishing I was vacationing in England. The writer is brilliant, and the intelligence of the writer shines through from the beginning. The struggle with James (the main character), who is a Christian, is a temptation that can face any Christian in their daily life. Being pulled from his calling to be a priest to the temptation of a beautiful woman who fulfills the desires his wife does not nor wants to fill, leaves the reader with such a longing to see James happy and fulfilled. This book really made me ponder issues of the heart, and the twists left the book hard to put down. Thank you Robert Jaggs-Fowler for a beautiful piece of work. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.

by Amy Rogers

Wow! Great novel. Thank you.

by Christina McGilligan-Fell

From the start of this novel, the author skillfully drew me into the world of the main character James and I felt confident I was in the hands of a talented writer. I read on, eager to know how James could resolve his dilemma. All along the way 'Lamplight in the Shadows' raises questions to which there are no easy answers.

I empathised with James in his struggle to do what he believed to be right, while trying to hold on to the values that had always mattered most to him. The theme of religion is handled well, along with the almost unbearable conflicts James faces in his desire to free himself from a loveless marriage, grasp what may be his chance of happiness, but remain true to himself and his faith. The character of James is very well-drawn and his inner turmoil convincing, though I must say I could empathise, too, with his deeply unhappy wife who desperately needed help and understanding.

In many ways this is a sad story but, at the same time, it is a novel that offers hope and provides an enjoyable and gripping read. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes an entertaining good read combined with depth in considering the difficult moral, spiritual or emotional issues that many of us have to deal with in one way or another. It is a beautifully thought-provoking novel.

by Jean Davison

I received this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway.

I loved this book. It proves to me why entering giveaways is such a good idea, I would never have chosen this from a book shop shelf. I have so many good things to say about it that I don't know where to start.

Firstly this book has a lovely quality cover, with really good paper used within. I know this doesn't affect the writing, but it all adds to the reading experience. Secondly the story has a lovely gentle tone to it, no one gets shot, no one is on drugs or getting pursued by a cold war spy, and yet it works brilliantly.

I think the book's success lies in the author writing what he knows, the main character is a doctor with an interest in theology, as is the author - as to how autobiographical the book is I have no idea, and frankly I don't care. What I love is the conflict within the man, and how he reconciles those conflicts. If this book has a moral it is "Lighten up" .

This would be a great book for a book club, as there is so much to go at, but in my opinion it is a book that I would urge you to read - I thought it was wonderful.

by Maxine

This was an excellent little read -- quite beautifully written, leisurely paced, and with plenty of food for thought. The prose really shines, and it was no surprise to learn that the author is a published poet. The only area where I felt the book was lacking was in the character development of Janice, the protagonist's wife. There simply wasn't enough material to allow me to truly understand where she was coming from. That said, I did enjoy this book -- couldn't put it down, in fact -- and look forward to reading more by this author.

by Alita

Robert Jaggs-Fowler

Dr Robert Jaggs-Fowler, a Kentish Man by birth, is an Anglican deacon, author, poet & former GP, who divides his time between Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire & Cyprus. With medical degrees, Masters degrees in Medical Law and Ethics (LLM), and Spirituality, Theology and Health (MA), he is currently researching a PhD in theology. Robert is a former columnist for two regional newspapers & a county magazine, has had several short stories, non-fiction and 'filler' articles published and contributed to an American film script. He won the 2005 Lincoln Book Festival Prize for fiction and the 2010 Fathom Prize for poetry. He has written book reviews for a major magazine publisher, has been a regular contributor for an American travel website, and published his first collection of poetry, A Journey with Time,in 2008. Lamplight in the Shadows was Robert's debut novel. He is currently working on his second novel and a third collection of poetry. His musical interests include playing the piano, alto & tenor saxophones and classical guitar. Meanwhile, he relies on the practise of medicine to keep the garret warm and to ensure good supplies of printer ink and malt whisky.

Robert Jaggs-Fowler

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