Troubador Harper's Fate

Released: 28/10/2018

ISBN: 9781789014846

Format: Paperback

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Harper's Fate


Eat me...

In six short weeks Kate Harper’s life totally changes: a chance meeting with a handsome stranger and a new job working for the powerful Luke Sutton ignites a whirlwind of passion and sets Kate’s life on a path beyond her control.

But this is not the story you think it will be. As the mysterious and domineering Luke Sutton comes to terms with the idea that Kate might not be what he expected, new secrets come to light that will change both of them forever.

Kate and Luke’s sexual journey begins on a rainy day in London, but what lies ahead of them is far more challenging than either of them expect. Lies, money, Russian ancestors and a secret Military background irrevocably change both of their lives, but is it for the better?

They are worlds apart. Can their turbulent relationship survive? Follow their exhilarating journey...

Unpredictable, impulsive and with exciting twists which set this book apart from your typical love story. ‘His past has to save her future....’ Follow Kate and Luke’s story in the explosive sequel, Harper’s Fortune.

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