Troubador Good Luck, Jenny Bourke

Released: 05/03/2013

eISBN: 9781783069798

Format: eBook

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Good Luck, Jenny Bourke


Jenny Bourke is disheartened with the sorry state of potential boyfriends in her small home town in the west of Ireland. She decides to take drastic action and moves to London for a year to see what life can throw at her in the form of the male species, not realising that her stuck-in-a-rut life is just about to be detonated.

Leaving behind her demented Mother (the local Mayor) who thinks London has nothing to offer but pigeons, playboys and terrorists, Jenny embarks on a journey that reveals the personality and talents that she never knew existed, and has lots of fun in the process. But, she has her work cut out for her. Not only does she have to fend off the competition for a new job in the cut-throat media world, she also has to wade through the swamp of ‘387,500’ single men to unearth a decent boyfriend.

Among her eccentric Uncle’s new business venture, a paranoid cousin, a lunatic new house mate, an ex-boyfriend who won’t vacate her thoughts and a plethora of new yummy work colleagues (one in particular), she must have her wits about her for the London adventure.

Well, a girl can take a chance, can’t she?

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