Troubador Generations of Love

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788039475

eISBN: 9781788034333

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Generations of Love


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A story crossing generations about hidden family secrets.


A tragedy from the past threatens to be repeated.


When handsome, career driven Detective Inspector Alex Hartman is instructed to investigate a High Court Judge his life instantly changes. Although forming an unfavourable impression of Judge Lionel Franklin, Alex becomes aware of an overwhelming attraction for Catherine Franklin, the Judge’s attractive niece, who seems to be closely controlled by her Uncle. He soon finds himself on a collision course between his duties and his personal feelings. Meeting again after a separation and realising his feelings are reciprocated, Alex takes the fateful decision of proposing marriage, but Judge Franklin is always in the background with his veiled attempts at control of Catherine for his own purposes. As Alex continues his investigations he uncovers more and more damning evidence, unaware that Lionel Franklin is devising a shocking plan, which in the events of one tragic night shatters the young couple’s dream for a future with their young child.


A generation on, haunted by the past but unaware of the whole truth, Peter Hartman finds solace in the attentions of his Great Uncle Lionel. Whilst on holiday in Canada he meets Christa Benjamin and a relationship begins between them and grows to something much deeper, unknowingly putting her life in danger. At the same time, after years of indecision and guilt, Alex Hartman’s former colleague finds the courage to confront the past, and, finally hearing the truth surrounding his parents, Peter sees how his own life has been overshadowed by the continued manipulation of Lionel Franklin and vows to seek justice. As matters reach a head Peter confronts Franklin about his knowledge of the past, but finds himself pitched into the nightmare of history repeating itself – can an echo from the past avert another tragedy?

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Wow,Wow,Wow, what a wonderful, intriguing, fascinating read full of suspense from beginning to end. It was a book I couldn't put down and had to slip in time to read as the storyline was so magnificent. I hope this author soon writes another book as I can't wait.

by Pat Foster

Great story, captivating, hope her next book is of equal value.

by Mandy Young

DI Alex Hartman is investigating High Court Judge Lionel Franklin and in the process falls in love with the judge's niece Catherine. She is an innocent being manipulated by her uncle. The two lovers marry with out the judge knowing. They have a son, Peter. During this time Alex is still putting together the info he and his partner Dougie have been able to find in their investigation. Alex & Catherine are killed leaving Peter. Now the uncle has a new generation to control. Peter starts to figure out things have not been as they should be and with help from those close to him he starts to investigate his great uncle to see what happened 24 years ago. This is a very involved story with many twists & turns. I highly recommend this book.

by Nancy Witt

After a steady start, this story really grabs you and is hard to put down as the characters are so believable. Good to have relatively short chapters for those of us who have to grab reading time as and when! Hope there is more from this author.

by Rosemary Koch-Osborne

Family secrets and lies always make for good read and that's the case here. A well written novel with good characters.

by NetGalley review

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