Troubador Free Fall in Stilettos

Released: 28/04/2019

eISBN: 9781838598860

Format: eBook

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Free Fall in Stilettos


April, disillusioned with the working life she’s experienced so far, lands an exciting new role as a flight attendant and begins a whole world adventure. She meets Marc, a French pilot, and she has always had a thing for a man in uniform. He’s not her usual type, but the spark of attraction grows. Marc invites April to his Parisian party. She’s surprised by her own actions, especially the offer she proposes to him in the hotel lift one evening as the sexual tension escalates. 

A hot date in Paris ensues. Marc is older, oozes confidence and knows how to treat April to make her weak at the knees. But the outcome of the date is not as expected. When things don’t always go to plan, Emma, her longest standing friend and flat-mate, is there as a buffer, a confidante and encourager of last-minute mini-breaks. With Emma’s help April must now decide whether to fly back to Paris for Marc’s party, and what might then follow...

I've been interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester and featured in the Leicester Mercury, The Rugby Advertiser and a couple of other local papers. Please see my website for details.

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Catherine Louise

Catherine Louise is a new author of romantic fiction. Having worked as a flight attendant, her scribbled notes on travelling formed the basis of 'Free Fall in Stilettos'. She's since become a personal trainer and sports massage therapist having followed other hobbies as a competitive masters athlete.

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