Troubador Death of an Escort

Released: 30/11/2013

ISBN: 9781783061921

Format: Paperback

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Death of an Escort


A thriller with romantic overtones set in Hereford and the Welsh countryside in the early 1980s

She’d paid the price. And now, thankfully, the throbbing had eased in his head, the red rage diminished...
When a Swedish high-class call girl is brutally murdered on the quayside in Stockholm, the murderer seeks new prey to stalk, slips his moorings in Sweden and heads for the forests of Wales.

In the middle of a raging storm in the depths of a God forsaken forest, miles from civilisation; a wrecked rally car had knocked some guy out of existence and ruined a girl’s life...
Alex is a girl with a flair for mechanical design and a passion for rallysport, who is caught up in a rally accident in Wales. In the 1980s world of special-stage car rallies, the sport depends on volunteers and it is to these people she owes her life. Philip heads up a building design company and loves Landrovers. Philomena is a self-employed nurse and supports her mother’s craze for landscape painting. Tabitha is a go-getting entrepreneur with a possessive penchant for her male friends. The powerful interplay between these strong, well-crafted characters makes for a revealing and enthralling story of art, business ethics, motor sport and forays into the Welsh hills.

The latest in the Manor series, 'Benchmark' is becoming a firm favourite with my readers. After 'Contour', a tale of entrancement re-defined' "no punches pulled, convincing yet tender" came 'Trig Point'with its racy story of a young girl's development, and 'Benchmark'delves deep into the mystery of Irish folklore. 'Twelve Girls' has its own emotionally charged benchmark of lives interwoven for the better. 'Windblow' has to be read from cover to cover to appreciate the way deeply established love can overcome even the most demanding of challenges and improve the lot of everyone involved. Soon there will be 'Seeking', different, a pure romance woven with poetry and music and shows the immense power of linked like minds in a fascinating 1970's tale.

This is a well-written and thoroughly engaging tale, fast-paced and very intriguing. I read this book quickly as the murder-mystery element makes it a real 'page turner'. Highly-recommended!

by Louise

Jon Beattiey

Well established as a writer who understands human relationships, Jon Beattiey makes this genre his own, penning great stories to reflect the nuances of individuals interaction primarily but not exclusively in romance.

From a background in industry, management of people and property, then a spell with the National Trust and latterly running his own business, he utilises talents and wide experience to great effect. He relishes the challenge of taking real life scenarios and turning them into the realms of conceivable fiction.

He lives in Bedfordshire with his wife Sue, has three grown-up children and six grandchildren; enjoys gardening, long walks in open country and the challenge of writing in all aspects as well as keeping a business afloat. He recently has taken on the role of mentor to young people wishing to develop their own writing skills.

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