Troubador Cytherea's Island

Released: 28/11/2014

ISBN: 9781784620431

Format: Paperback

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Cytherea's Island


Catherine Mallett inherits a fortune from a man she has never met, but why would Samuel Ingram bequeath everything to a girl he doesn’t know? Catherine travels to Norfolk to learn more of her unexpected inheritance and the conditions attached to it – that she must move to Ingram House and live there alone for 6 months. Determined to solve the riddle, she leaves behind her organised life in London, but moving in only seems to bring more questions than answers. Why is Philip Ingram so unfriendly to her? Why does the old crone on the quay insist that decades earlier she saw Catherine come out of the sea? What dark secrets does the summerhouse hold? Something is very wrong. Through a series of letters from Samuel Ingram, Catherine discovers that she has been set a task – to find something of great importance. However, as the letters keep arriving, she gets the eerie feeling that Samuel is not actually dead, but watching her every move. Catherine becomes convinced that if she doesn’t solve the mystery a terrible disaster will occur. Cytherea’s Island is an atmospheric story about an adventurous woman in jeopardy. Full of mystery and suspense, it is a gripping read that will be enjoyed by fans of romantic fiction with a supernatural twist.

Cytherea's Island is more than an just a really entertaining yarn following Catherine's gradual immersion in the dark secrets of Ingram House. She weaves into her web glittering threads of ancient mythology. It is also a fascinating contrast of her emotions, impulses and even fears with the bright light of her reason and common sense. Catherine's intuitions in the end serve her well as do her two strange guardians. As an extra bonus, the descriptions of the countryside of North Norfolk are evocative and made me want to visit Wells-on-Sea. I enjoyed reading this to the end once I had decided to just enjoy the supernatural, for after all that is what fiction writing can provide for us

by Denise Keir

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