Troubador …But like there's no tomorrow

Released: 28/08/2014

eISBN: 9781783065707

Format: eBook

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…But like there's no tomorrow

A Portrayal of Love, Compassion, Betrayal and Erotic Desire


We all experience intensity in our lives. It comes in many guises. It often comes when least expected, and can bring with it great joy, unbearable sadness, or tragedy. This is an explicit and highly erotic novel that has, at its centre, a sensitive love story. The book will leave you both aroused and touched as it reaches its satisfying climax. Set to appeal to anyone who enjoys a romantic and erotic page-turner of a novel, Peter Rumens toys with his reader’s emotions throughout. ...But Like There’s No Tomorrow is Ben’s account of a dramatic personal encounter that changes his life forever. As a result, he will have to query his judgement, his conscience and his morality. As Ben’s story unfolds, you will feel anger, sadness and joy in equal measure. You will laugh, but will also cry. You may be shocked. As some characters seek pleasure at the expense of others’ happiness and welfare, others go to outstanding lengths to exact revenge, ...But Like There’s No Tomorrow will draw you in and keep you hooked until the very end... Peter Rumens’ powerful story invites us to examine our need for the most important of all emotions – love.

To get feedback, I made the manuscript of my book available to eight members of the public.
It was done with anonymity through a third party to avoid the possibility of loyalty or bias.
Some more opinions have now been fed back via my contact and, I am relieved, nothing negative.

1)“.....thankfully not sadomasochism, and anyway puts 50 Shades in the shade.”

2)“.....what a lovely story! The author's claim is justified. I was aroused, I laughed at his subtle humour, and I wept floods. The sort of book that I will re-read to enjoy a good cry all over again.”

3)“....Adult romance would not be my normal choice of read, but I have to admit it is a real page-turner. The storyline would stand on its own two feet as a love story without the
raw erotica.”

4)“....I couldn't put it down, and what a pleasant change to read without the need of a dictionary to hand. Too many writers have an overly-intellectual or flowery approach to stories that don't need it.”

5)The one professional literary review so far comes from Editorial Stand.
Laura Donkersley comments :

“.....the storyline is a wonderful love story that inspires readers, as well as questioning society's set preconceptions. The erotica side appeals to a growing market of readers, so that should provide a larger demographic.”

YES I KNOW – It is early days to be wallowing in self-pride, BUT I THINK that I hear a message coming through that I will remember for sequels - Write for us – Not yourselves.

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