Troubador Broken Cups

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785899706

Format: Paperback

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Broken Cups


lmogen Tomlinson has always been proud of her stable upbringing and longs for a family of her own. But just as she finds herself falling in love and begins to revel in the happiness she has craved for so long, her hopes are shattered by something in a diary written by her mother, Joanna, over twenty years ago; something that shocks her to the core. Jillian Taylor -Scott has been lmogen’s best friend since school. Now, sharing a flat, they both forge new relationships, whilst remaining close to each other and to their respective families. But what is lmogen hiding from Jillian? Why do the two families appear to shun each other? Some secrets are just too awful to reveal, even to a best friend... Maggie Redpath has never known family harmony. The product of a failed marriage, she is afraid to commit to her own boyfriend, worried that history might just repeat itself. When she and Jillian meet through a work project, they become good friends, unaware at first of a tenuous link to lmogen’s past love life. Gertrude Cartwright is the colourful mainstay of her family. Grandmother to Grant, Rebecca, Robyn and Alastair as well as surrogate grandmother to Bradley Harrington, she has kept everyone happy through thick and thin. She welcomes both Jillian and lmogen with open arms. But what will happen when Joanna’s secret is finally revealed..? Broken Cups weaves together the stories of several intriguing dramatis personae to bring us a pacy, character-driven novel, full of suspense and shot through with mystery. Written in a similar style to Heather's previous novels, it will be enjoyed by fans of romance and mystery fiction.

'Broken Cups' is Heather's fourth novel and hopefully the beginning of a new series. Her previous three books make up a trilogy of romance and mystery.'A Voice from the Past' in 2013 was followed by 'In the Greater Scheme of Things' in 2014 and 'Blood is Thicker' completed this family saga in 2015.

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Heather MacQuarrie

Heather MacQuarrie is a former school teacher who has now swapped life in the inner-city classroom for the relative freedom of her own home where she is enjoying the opportunity to channel her creativity in exciting new directions, reinventing herself as a romantic novelist. Heather lives in Belfast and is married to Ross. They also spend a good part of the year in the Algarve region of Portugal.

Heather MacQuarrie

The 'Voice from the Past' trilogy
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