Blood is Thicker

by Heather MacQuarrie
Released: 28th June, 2015
Will the ghosts of the past ever be laid to rest?

Full synopsis

Will the ghosts of the past ever be laid to rest? Twenty-five years on, the fallout from the thwarted love affair between Susan Summers and Jonathan Ashby continues to affect the lives of others in Blood is Thicker, this third novel in the ‘Voice from the Past’ trilogy. Georgia Shaughnessy in particular now finds herself in a quandary. Stunningly beautiful, vivacious and outgoing, Georgia, a Belfast girl living in London, is blissfully happy in a stable, loving relationship – until she inadvertently stumbles across some disturbing information about her boyfriend. Catch up with Charlotte and Neal, Suzy and Ralph and other favourite characters from the first two books and see how Georgia’s life becomes inextricably intertwined with theirs as she struggles with her conscience in a desperate attempt to save her relationship. This family drama will be enjoyed by readers of contemporary romance fiction and those interested in the psychology of relationships. Maggie O’ Farrell, Hilary Boyd, Lisa Jewell and Jill Mansell have all influenced Heather’s writing style.

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