Troubador Blokebusters

Released: 19/01/2015

eISBN: 9781784628789

Format: eBook

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When IT geek Matt Brown loses his job and, during a drunken evening, comes up with the idea of a honey-trap business, the last thing he expects is that his hurricane-in-human-form wife Georgia and her best friend Fiona will actually set it up. Nor does he anticipate just how popular the business will become. But, as Matt quickly learns, success can bring problems; the busier they become the less he sees of Georgia and cracks start to appear in their previously rock-solid marriage. It doesn’t help when an enigmatic and ridiculously sexy American man keeps appearing on Georgia’s client list and makes no attempt to hide that he has the hots for her. Nor does Matt welcome the media attention that quickly snowballs to ridiculous levels. It isn’t only Matt who finds success confusing - Georgia gets carried away with her entrepreneurial spirit and starts to lose sight of Matt’s feelings. She wouldn’t have an affair – would she? Should Fiona resist her feelings for Leo, the journalist who seems more interested in her than uncovering the story… but can she trust him? What would happen to city-based professionals Georgia and Fiona if the press discovered their real identities? One thing’s for sure – each of them will have to face tough questions which will make them question what they truly want from life.

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