Troubador Between Classes

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838594374

Format: Paperback

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Between Classes


In Australia, Emma Tilby has married Richard Laddisbrock, the son of a wealthy English landowner, but until the day of the marriage, she doesn’t know his true identity. After twelve years of heat and drought, Emma dreams of returning to the cool green lanes and soft climate of England.

Emma could never have envisaged the dramatic circumstances that would bring this dream to reality. After a nine-month voyage back to the land of her birth, she finds herself sitting in a high-class carriage with a husband who she suspects does not love her, heading for a family who she believes will never accept her.

On a visit to her brother Robert, who now owns Claydon House, where she was once a servant, Emma’s past dramatically catches up with her, leaving her with a man’s body to find and a spirit to lay to rest. But how much should she reveal about herself and her past?

Anne now has a third book published, Between Classes. It is the sequel to Revenge and starts in Australia 12 years after the Tate family move there. Being set in 1803 a lot of research went into this book. Anne also found a cousin in Australia who helped her with the distances and terrain of that time.

Anne's writing still highlights the hardship that lower class women have suffered over the years, but as always, has a romantic element that will fill the reader full of hope for her character to survive against all the odds.

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Anne Willingale

Anne has been writing for many years; at first children's stories, then articles and short stories for magazines. She took two creative writing courses at Cambridge Community College. She also attended Ely, Community College, where she took more courses, the first, Writing for Profit, and the second, Script Writing for Television.

She formed a writing group in Cambridgeshire with four other writers in the year 2000 and that group is still active today writing for magazines, novella, and novels. Anne is still able to be a part of that group by using e-mail and telephone. She travels to East Anglia at twice a year to attend meetings.

She turned her hand to novel writing in 2004 finishing Revenge in 2006 on the day that her husband died.

Her second romantic novel The Key to the Street is set in 1665 and is about the life of a foundling child, Letty Denton. This story is about the survival of a girl of 13, who falls in love with Alfie Melts another inmate. The story portrays happiness, loss, hunger, homelessness, and love from beyond the grave.

Her writing depicts the struggle for survival where the odds are stacked against the underprivileged woman. She brings to life the conditions of the time in which she writes, not of the rich but of the poor. She writes about need, love, hate, abuse, and survival.

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